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  • What is UP, we finally have an audiobook for The Remarkable Retirement of Edna Fisher! It should be on most of the usual platforms soon (our distributor approved it but it hasn't been,,,distributed yet as far as I can tell), but for now it's available for download directly from my publisher.

    Link to the Remarkable Retirement audiobook

  • Definitely fully forgot to post about this here lol, but this week is Edna's first birthday! I'm running all sorts of games and giveaways on Instagram (and, to a lesser extent, Tumblr, BlueSky, and Facebook).

  • Copy edits have been turned in, a back cover copy (the description on the back of the book) exists, and I am CLIMBING WALLS because I am so desperate to have links to share for this book.

    Funnily enough, this is not an issue authors usually have - because usually authors don't get to announce their book deals until late in the process! I had the advantage of being able to announce almost immediately after formally accepting the deal, instead of sitting on a massive secret for six months. BUT. now I am finding out there's a downside, and the downside is being able to talk about my book for six months but having no TBR or buy links to share.

    I got kinda spoiled with Edna, because small presses don't necessarily work the same way as big presses - so I was both able to announce right after signing the contract AND to share Goodreads links pretty much immediately!

  • Finally revisited this a month and a half later, after doing an entirely new portrait in this exact same style lol. That one came complete with a background, but I like the face on this one better, so I went back to my original and added a background and more warmth!

    BluesClues wrote:Today's art is by me! Since I was forbidden from opening my GroundskeeperWIP document this week, I spent some time on a portrait of the main character instead <3

    I might still do more to this, but the longer I look at it, the more I like it the way it is, so idk.


    Link to original comment

  • *rises from the abyss* Hellooooooooooooooooo, I've been working on the proposal for my next book, and it finally feels like it's going somewhere.

    There's a phenomenon known among authors as "sophomore book syndrome" (although, properly speaking, it's not really a syndrome). Many authors find that their second book is extremely difficult to write after selling their first book.

    I didn't feel this feeling for my second book, but that's probably because it was already written by the time I sold Edna! While I did do some edits with my agent - and, later, more edits with my editor - the big work of drafting the book and doing major edits was done before my writing career really started.

    Unfortunately, "sophomore book syndrome" is hitting me in time for my third book...because this book (and any other book my editor might approve instead) is NOT written yet. I'm very, very aware that the opening chapters need to be halfway decent by the time my proposal is due. So that's been a big stall, since normally I'm able to get through a first draft by reminding myself that first drafts don't have to be good.

    It's also been a struggle because beginnings are normally very easy for me. Usually, I have a clear idea of the book's opening and don't start to struggle until about 30,000 words in. With this book, I restarted the opening four times in the last three weeks, until finally I landed on an opening that did what I wanted and did it reasonably well. 0/10, do not recommend.

    Today, I finally hit insert-page break-spacebar-spacebar-spacebar and started the fourth chapter! While I know there'll still be some serious humps to get over as I continue drafting, I'm so relieved to be past this major one.

  • Today's art is by me! Since I was forbidden from opening my GroundskeeperWIP document this week, I spent some time on a portrait of the main character instead <3

    I might still do more to this, but the longer I look at it, the more I like it the way it is, so idk.


  • HUZZAH. My GroundskeeperWIP edits are done*!

    *Well, the big things are done. I'm taking a break now, but starting Monday I need to go back and read the whole manuscript to make sure it all makes sense and also sounds good. And my editor could still ask for additional edits. And even if she doesn't, there will at minimum be copy edits. But the first round of big edits are done!

    Snoink YAY!!!!
    Feb 7, 2024

    BluesClues YAY!!
    Feb 9, 2024

  • It's been a hot minute since I talked about NettieWIP because I'm knee-deep in GroundskeeperWIP edits, but look at this gorgeous art I got from Lumiscuro on Tumblr/Instagram/BlueSky! Lumi put out a call for OCs for them to doodle to help him get out of an art slump...and instead of a doodle, I got a full-color portrait! Needless to say, I left a tip even though this wasn't an actual commission <3 Nettie literally looks like Lumi plucked her right out of my head!


  • Huzzah! My redo of NettieWIP draft 2 was going well until ch. 9 (aka the point where I stalled out in my previous attempt), where I stalled out AGAIN, but tonight as I defined the problem for myself I had a breakthrough that I think will solve it. So tomorrow I'm going to edit ch. 8 and rewrite its ending to set me up and then attempt to tackle ch. 9 again.

  • ...well, I'm not complaining about revising this book again, but I did start it over from the beginning 21,000 words into it lol.

    For this year's NaNo, I attempted to write my second draft of NettieWIP. I only got 20k into it during November, with an additional 1k since then. I've been focusing really hard on plot, because (a) that's my weakness, (b) mystery is a new genre to me as a writer, and (c) mystery requires a solid plot.*

    *Not that other genres don't require a solid plot, but. idk. mystery requires more...plotting

    Most of the time as I've worked on this draft, my writing sessions have resulted in very little actually getting on the page. It's been like pulling teeth to get myself to work on this instead of buddy comedy matchmaking fic about Edna and the butler from a collab I did with some friends the second chance fantasy romance that bulldozed into me because I saw a rummage sale sign one day literally anything else.

    This morning on the way to work, I figured out a couple of plot things. But more importantly, I realized why I haven't wanted to work on the book: I've been so focused on plot - the part I'm bad at and the part I lowkey care about the least - that I've been neglecting my themes and a lot about my characters.

    So! I'm starting over (again) instead of finishing this draft in the hopes I can make it more like what I want. I wrote out some reminders to myself that I hope to keep beside me whenever I sit down to write, so I'll remember that I have to consider theme and character when writing, not just plot.


  • Okay, when I inevitably start complaining about revising this book again, someone please gently whack me with a newspaper and remind me of what I'm thinking right now:

    - all the things I'm trying to do in this book can absolutely fit together
    - I can make them fit together, it's just going to be a lot of work
    - I'm psyching myself out because I'm trying to make them fit together while working in a genre I've never written and always swore I'd never write

    I can do it. I'm just gonna be a big baby about it the whole way there.

    fatherfig *whacks with newspaper* YOUVE GOT THIS
    Nov 29, 2023

    BluesClues thank you <333
    Nov 29, 2023

  • Large-print Edna hehe <3 Originally she was 700 pages, but my publisher got her down to a svelte 548 pages~


    Snoink Accessibility ftw!
    Nov 16, 2023

    BluesClues Yep yep yep <3 Now we just gotta get that audio book out there! But I admit I'm slightly the one stalling that because I gotta record the acknowledgements myself and I haven't had the chance yet.
    Nov 16, 2023

  • Spearmint AHHHHH!!! :D
    Nov 8, 2023

    Nov 8, 2023

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  • Listening to audio files for different chapters for the audiobook <3 I am crying laughing, Jeanine's voice and delivery is so perfect lmao

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