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Mental Health

This is a club for sharing about mental health and mental illnesses of any kind

Talk/rant about your own struggles and experiences, support others, or post more generally about mental health. This club is a -safe space- to connect with others going through similar experiences.

Club recommendations:

• If you are worried about the immediate safety of someone who has posted in the club or anywhere on YWS, I recommend privately contacting the moderators of YWS. The easiest way to do this is to use the Contact Mods button at the top of the website, or to privately message someone with a red, dark green, or light green username ~

• In more general situations, please avoid repeating what others have shared in this club in other places - especially the personal experiences of others. If you want to do this, first message the person it concerns and get their approval.

• Try not to be too hard on yourself <3 No matter what you're dealing with I'm sending you love <333

— AvantCoffee


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