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  • Right I forgot to mention, feel free to post your elevator pitches on the club wall for feedback!

    Elevator pitch: Project Mutant Families

    In the 1960s, a mysterious substance unearthed in the tin mines mutated a quarter of Ayer Pedang's population, creating genes that could be triggered either to produce Corrupted monsters or superhumans. Eager to return the love and care of his adoptive father/ martial arts master, Ren, one of the superhumans, aims to protect his family community from the Kingpiece faction, a rival mutant family to his father threatening a takeover of the mutation zone and a new, more unforgiving rule of law. However, he comes into conflict with his peace-loving father over the limits of compassion, moral sainthood and one's duty to family, which makes him question his own moral stance.

    KateHardy This sounds pretty cool!! The fact that the protagonist is sort of stuck in a position where he wants to protect his community, but then ends up clashing with his father while doing that seems like it could make for a very interesting arc. And superhumans and mysterious substances are always cool :D
    Oct 24, 2021

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