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  • felistia
    Jul 23, 2016

    So for this weeks competition it’s going to be a writing competition and I might have somthing planned for this review day too.

    I thought that we'd have a humorous writing competition.

    Entry rules
    You can have whatever characters you want and whatever story plot you want.

    The only thing that it takes to competition is the writing must be funny. You must at least get a smile out of me (I’m hard to get a laugh out of)

    Now for the proper rules.

    As with last time, the same rules apply. The reason for these rule is because I’m the only judge and I can only read certain things. I’m going to have to rule out certain things because of this. I hope you understand.
    First rule: No M or L rated works and please no 18, 16, 14, 12 rated works. You can have violence, but please don’t make it really horrific.

    Second rule: Please no horror, supernatural or spiritual works. I’m not comfortable reading these. By horror I mean works that contain demons, spirits and otherworldly beings. So if it’s rated horror because there’s a bit of violence that’s okay.

    Third rule: This competition ends exactly seven days from when I send out this message. I'll judge at the end of the competition. The prize is 500 points and one gift for first place, 250 points for second place and 150 for third place. The rest of the people who compete in the competition will get a prize of 50 points just for participating. The reason for the drop in points is because I’m running out of them and haven’t had enough time to build them up. I’m hoping that on review day I’ll get enough to up the prizes.

    Fourth rule: There is no word limit to this competition. Please post your work for the challenge in the forum labelled Laugh Out Loud Writing Competition. If you haven't posted you work by the time the competition is up then I'm afraid it doesn't count.

    Fifth rule: You can enter old works, so long as they met the entry rules. You can also publish it to get reviews before posting it in the forum.

    Six and most important rule: Have fun writing. :D

Il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux (One must imagine Sisyphus happy).
— Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus