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    This is probably junk, but I wanted to know what you guys though of it. I walked along the ground, crushing the crinkled leaves that lay in my way. Thoughts ...

    hekategirl - Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:26 am

  • Short Story » General
    slaughtered wisdom (teeth)

    “I’m so hungry,” I rasped. My voice was different, so different I didn’t recognize it. It was evil. “The jelly in my sister’s eyes would do for a good meal, ...

    Willow - Sun Feb 06, 2005 7:36 am

  • Short Story » General

    This is my story. Duh. anyway, it's supposed to be colonial US set, so yeah. It's about this kid, Luke, who all these different things happen to and there are ...

    Sam - Sun Feb 06, 2005 5:53 am

  • Short Story » Romantic
    Complicated Love

    Okay I'm getting no where with Eternity right now so I'm kinda giving up on it, I know what I want to do with it but I don't know how ...

    dreaming_mouse - Sat Feb 05, 2005 5:48 pm

  • Short Story » Fantasy

    This is the beginning of a story centreing around the girl Syal, but i don't know if it all is flowing so well/ Winters in the north were long and ...

    hawk - Fri Feb 04, 2005 11:20 am

  • Short Story » General

    My feet hit the pavement rhythmically as I walk, the commotion and constant buzz of the city drowning out the sound of my footsteps. It's past midnight, but it's Friday, ...

    Liz - Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:22 am

  • Short Story » Fantasy
    Little Girl, Not a Little Girl


    Rei - Thu Feb 03, 2005 5:15 pm

  • 7

    Ok, this isn't finished, it's just a tiny bit of what I'm working to be a novel. I havn't had time to edit it myself. I don't mind, but rather ...

    Tara - Thu Feb 03, 2005 6:13 am

  • Short Story » General
    Cultural Clash

    Random name... I had to do this for school, really is not my best, just okay. I thought it lacked depth and all that great THis was my first ...

    nickelpickle - Thu Feb 03, 2005 2:02 am

  • Short Story » General
    Anybody Interested?

    I've got part of a story going that I need some critiques on...only problem, it's a sequel, but I completely HATE the first book so yeah. I'd need to do ...

    Sam - Thu Feb 03, 2005 12:46 am

  • Short Story » General
    Rachel: Burning

    This is my 3rd peace of the Rachel, I hope you like it. The first one is called 'Rachel: Shaking' and the 2nd one is 'Rachel: Dreaming'. Please comment on ...

    Emma - Wed Feb 02, 2005 8:09 pm

  • Short Story » Fantasy
    The Rainbow Connection

    A/N: Not exactly a fantasy story, but it does touch on fantasy themes. "And some day we'll find it, the Rainbow Connection. The Lovers, the Dreamers, and me," I sing ...

    Rei - Wed Feb 02, 2005 6:25 pm

  • Short Story » General
    Rachel: Dreaming

    Something inside me is telling me to watch those clouds, I don’t know why but I do it. I walk over to the dusty window and peer out into the ...

    Emma - Tue Feb 01, 2005 6:55 pm

  • Short Story » General
    Rachel: Shaking

    Im standing by the strong light. It's stinging my sensitive eyes, I close them. Instead of complete blackness, I see an orange light. Unsure about this I walk on - ...

    Emma - Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:44 pm

  • Short Story » General

    It is fall. Unlike any other sense, smell can make you remember…things long forgotten surface again, pieces of life flashing and then dimming behind your gaze. The leaves scrape and ...

    Random avatar
    jacks_broken_heart - Mon Jan 31, 2005 2:55 am

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