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    ForeverYoung299 - Mar 17, 2023

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    What is happening right now. (I have changed some of the people's names for privacy. Some not.) "NO, you got it too?" "Zimmy?" "Yes!" suddenly yells are filling the room ...

    foxmaster - Mar 15, 2023

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    There is nothing contentful about this blog, feel free to click away! _ People keep trying to 'raise awareness', but who has any awareness left to be raised? We're all ...

    Liminality - Mar 15, 2023

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    Outside is a cold lovely evening. The sun is nowhere to be seen anymore and the darkness took over. Owls with big eyes on trees, dogs sleeping, plants all calm ...

    Rose - Mar 14, 2023

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    This is a random moment of "the Mind Link." It consists of my random favorite characters put on a quest in one book. (and I swear I did not steal ...

    foxmaster - Mar 13, 2023

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    Sneaking to the party Somewhere in America, lives Mary . She is a fourteen-year-old girl with dark black hair and blue eyes, which made her very beautiful. She lives with ...

    Rinisha - Mar 12, 2023

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    What a blog entry from last year xD Anyways, before anything else I need to remember how to critique properly and do that first. I wonder if fanfiction is allowed? ...

    TimidToto - Mar 10, 2023

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    • 'Let go/ get rid of certain 'I can't do this' type thoughts' I still have lots of these thoughts, so maybe I need a change of approach. I haven't ...

    Liminality - Mar 4, 2023

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    as I have mentioned a lot that AL is a beta as of right now. I plan on turning this into a REAL book one day and finding a serious ...

    Lexus2017RX350 - Feb 9, 2023

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    Reflecting on My GCSE and A-level Journey Hey there! Green here once again. It's been a while since I wrote my last blog, and I was quite pleasantly surprised when ...

    4revgreen - Feb 9, 2023

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    Something got me in a melancholy mood, and I typed in on my searchbar today. It's been so long that my browser doesn't auto fill YWS when I start typing ...

    Lava - Feb 8, 2023

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    It's been over 6 months since I've been on here, shows that time flies by even when you're not having fun. Lifes been so chaotic, I've started year 10 and ...

    YourFriendQuirks08 - Feb 5, 2023

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    As I sat by the creek, skipping stones and listening to birds cheerful chirps. I remember your smile and the sweet sound of your laughter. Although I miss you so ...

    Random avatar
    octoberq - Jan 27, 2023

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    Are you going for something unexpected and are you up for this challenge? Try to complete this story with your own creative ideas, it doesn't have to be long. It ...

    Rose - Jan 21, 2023

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    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do this in the form of a blog, but I’m just gonna do it anyways and see what happens. Have you ever read ...

    GengarIsBestBoy - Jan 21, 2023

To be a master of metaphor is the greatest thing by far. It is the one thing that cannot be learnt from others, and it is also a sign of genius.
— Aristotle, Poetics