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Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:10 am
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Octave says...

O__________O 8D

Name: Nicolae Henderson
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Role: Civilian
Moral Strength: 10/10, for symbiosis, but he honestly doesn't give much of a crud about all this.


Dark haired, with unnerving but pretty blue eyes. He stands tall, around 6"1, and is very much in shape. On ordinary days, you'll see him wearing a polo shirt and jeans. If you're a politician or an associate of his, it's more likely you're familiar with his tailored suits.

Spoiler! :


Tl;dr: Polite, charming, perfectionist, the kind of guy you want to please partly because you like him and because you really don't want to know what's going to happen if you do otherwise. Used to getting his way and is selfish. Calculating and manipulative.

Nicky has always gotten his way - always. This has translated into some rather horrible rumors floating around the city, but don't you worry about them. He's not such a bad person - ordinarily, he's excellent company. Just don't displease him lest you find yourself under the scrutiny of his gaze, where you will no doubt be found lacking.

Something about Nicky always drives him to be better, stronger, richer - more powerful. He needs to be feared, and he does not like it when somebody oversteps the boundaries he draws. His reactions are always disproportionately large in comparison to the offense he took, but that's the way Nicky is. He gets carried away after throwing the first punch. After all, it's better to overdo something than to do too little - or so he thinks.

Nicky has a domineering presence known to anyone who's ever been in the same room with him, and to his associates, he's known for his meticulous methods. When he wants something done, he wants it done perfectly, with no corners cut and not a crumb left for the ants, much less the police. It's the same when he goes to a party - he expects the night to be perfect, meaning he's really pretty friendly and an amazing guy overall so long as you're not doing business. On trains (when he deigns to ride them), he's known to be polite and will stand up to give way to a senior citizen or a pregnant woman. He's supremely friendly, and will strike a conversation with practically anyone on any day.

The first trick to getting into Nicky's friend list is to not get in his way, and to always defer to his authority. The second trick is a bit harder, because the ball's in Nicky's court - the moment he notices that hey, this guy might be useful for X, he's going to use you, regardless of how many limbs it'll deprive you of, or whether or not you've given him permission. But hey, that's what you get for hanging around people like Nicky, right?

Brief History:

Nicolae Henderson's family has been in the weapons manufacturing business for decades - ever since the second world war. It's been a long time since then, and they've gone from rickety planes to atomic bombs in that span of time. The richer they got, the more involved they got in politics too - there's no way a weaponry business is going to thrive without the government's help, right?

Nicky's family often funds politicians, and it's uncommon for an elected politician to not be in their pocket, or to never have received a donation from Ferapont Weaponry. As of now, Nicky's father (69) has retired, and of the five Henderson children, Nicky is the most charismatic. His father has not left any formal statement indicating Nicky as his heir (the Hendersons often leave the coveted Ferapont fortune to entirely one son while dividing the rest of their investments among the others), but it's clear to anybody who pays attention that Nicky is going to be the successor. He's already a kingmaker in the city, and the mayor is pretty much in his pocket, as is everyone else in town. His name comes up often in the police department - a lot of illegal activities in the city are tied to him, but as one of the most powerful non-politicians in the city, he's not someone you can just throw into jail.

From a young age, it's clear to Nicky that if he couldn't be the best, then he wasn't going to get Ferapont. That was unacceptable, and he's worked hard and done some pretty nasty things in order to make sure he is the best. Graduated from Harvard, came home, and cue his current career. A symbiote implant was perfect for him, and he had the best surgeon craft one into him a little earlier than it was publicly released.

As of the moment, Nicky does not like the way things are going. If the world's going to be a utopia, what in the world will happen to Ferapont? Even worse, some idiots have been lifting a few of his things, and he's not going to stand by and let the terrorists just take what they want without paying for it. He's looking into making a deal with them - terrorism makes excellent business for Ferapont - but only after teaching those losers a lesson.

Connections to Other Characters: Will confer with others first. :3

"The moral of this story, is that if I cause a stranger to choke to death for my amusement, what do you think I’ll do to you if you don’t tell me who ordered you to kill Colosimo?“

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Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:34 am
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SisterItaly says...

Saving a spot for a civilian.-- It will be finished. Eventually.

Name: Carmen Andreas
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Role: Civilian
Moral Strength: 6-ish, and he's for it. Mostly because it seems to be the socially acceptable thing.

Appearance: Carmen has fluffy dark hair and a pair of striking brown eyes. His facial features are soft and very feminine, and his build isn't anything impressive. He's often mistaken for a woman. Now, he's not an ugly or boring person-- he's quite the opposite. He holds himself with a confidence he doesn't really have, and he has the brightest smile.

Spoiler! :

Personality: (tl;dr: Carmen is gender confused, a true introvert, timid and nervous in crowds. He's still very polite but not very good at being charming. Also easily manipulated.)

Ever since his thirteenth birthday Carmen has tried to avoid telling people too much about him; that includes his gender (Yes, he's Agendered*). After his experience with bullies he's learned to choose his friends carefully. His friends are few, but he's loyal to them and trusts them with his life.

He has social anxiety; it's not too extreme but he doesn't like being in big crowds for too long. After a while he ends up with with the feeling that they're is someone watching him, and/or silently judging him behind his back. Either that or he begins worrying that he'll do something stupid and then ends up doing so. Sometimes he'll trip over his feet other times he'll walk into something he should have seen coming.

To those he's close to he's often more than willing to help and offer advice. His couch is open to his friends and he wears his heart on his sleeve to those in need. Something he often regrets but doesn't complain about.

Brief History: His father's job required a lot of travelling, so Carmen didn't spend a lot of time with his father. Unfortunately for Carmen he had two older sisters and a mother who only wanted daughter, so he was often victim to dress up sessions and tea parties. His mother taught him to cook and clean for himself at a young enough age and for the longest time he didn't see anything wrong with being so in touch with his feminine side.

That was until he started school. Carmen was home schooled until third grade along with his sisters, so he was in for quite a shock when he began attending public school. Apparently it wasn't cool to hang out with your sisters and talk about music and baking with the girls in class. He was often a victim of bullying; up to the point that he would run to his sisters crying because the others wouldn't leave him alone. This just made the bullying get worse-- until he met Nicolae. He stood up for him and for the rest of their elementary school days Carmen hung off his every word.

Carmen believes that their true friendship only started in high school. Carmen was pushed ahead a grade back in elementary and thrived in high school. He often offered to help Nick with his homework and did as much as he could to offer something into their friendship.

Nowadays he's a writer who only comes out of his shell when Nick drags him from it.

Connections to Other Characters: He and Nicolae Henderson are childhood friends. They trust each other and stick up for each other.

Anything Else: If Carmen disappears, just go looking for the nearest library. He can't hold his liquor well.

Spoiler! :
*Agendered describes a person who does not identify as being either male or female gendered. Or any gender for that matter.They completely lack gender identity. They may adopt an androgynous look.
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Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:58 am
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CelticaNoir says...

Name: Essi Morenson

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Role: Civilian

Moral Strength: 9/10 against Symbiosis, currently. Essi usually sticks to her own beliefs, unless she is proven wrong in some way. It usually has to be something that can’t be refuted. However, seeing as she tends to forget things, I'd say she's more or less unshakeable--she's likely to forget the proof pretty quick.

Appearance: Essi has long dark hair that trails down to her waist, but it often appears as if it is without substance--a single gust of wind can send her locks sprawling into the air. In fact, her entire body frame seems this way--as though you could just give her a slight push, and she’d fall into the ground face-first.

Most people are charmed by her looks at first sight, and she finds this ‘attracting’ ability quite uncomfortable. The reason for this ability has to be her eyes--they are a warm and bright amber colour, resembling the sun when it first rises. Added to this, her lips are delicate and pulled upwards very slightly, giving her the impression of always having a quiet smile on her face, even when she is liable to get angry.

Spoiler! :
Dark Essi.jpg
Dark Essi.jpg (298.47 KiB) Viewed 506 times

Personality: Quiet, shy but polite, doesn't like getting involved in things, forgetful, doesn't like it when you hurt someone close to her, intelligent in her own right.

Essi is mostly reclusive and quiet, keeping to herself in any event that arises, unless it is related to someone she truly cares about. To other people, she’s charming and polite, never losing her manners even in the most direst of situations. However, inside, she’s a traumatized, clinging mess, attached to the people closest to her like a puppy is to its mother. She treasures her friends and family dearly, and it’s considered to be her snapping point if anybody is injured, even if it’s only a scratch.

Even this seems normal, compared to the situation inside her mind--her brain has suffered some extent of damage, to the point that she often forgets things a few seconds after she commits them to heart. Actually, she can remember almost nothing except the names and faces of the people closest to her--probably one of the reasons why she never wants to let them out of her sight. She also tends to remember important events, such as her parents’ car crash, or when she first met Anon.

When she gets angry, it’s a different story altogether: she’s unstoppable. As Anon says, she’s like a moving mountain when she’s in a rage, to the point that the person she’s angry with will probably sustain serious injuries, if not permanent ones. Don’t underestimate her just because she has brain damage, either: she may not remember many things, but she has the intelligence to make up for it, and can be very creative about whatever she wants to do.

Brief History:

To sum things up, Essi took the Symbiote when she turned 18 but suffered rejection, and therefore has brain damage as a result. She currently lives with Anon and does some work as a fairly unknown artist.

Longer version:
Spoiler! :
Essi was 11 years old when the Hawes Symbiote first appeared on the market. Being just a small child back then, she had no idea exactly what it was, but knew that it apparently enhanced mental attributes and the like. Eager to try it out, she was disappointed when she found out that someone of her age couldn’t take it.

She resolved to grow up first, then definitely take it. Definitely, she said, to her best friend at that time, Anon. They had been friends since second grade, and always stuck together at the hip. Anon told her he worried about such a procedure, but Essi waved it off, saying it was considered safe anyhow.

Approaching graduation, the two made a promise to each other--that they wouldn’t be separated no matter what happened. Then, Essi took the injection. What happened was unheard of before. Her body rejected the Symbiotes.

Brain damage was the diagnosis, and Essi’s mind lingered in a half-dead, half-alive state. Sometimes she would be awake and babble a string of information, and at others, she couldn’t remember anything or anyone. Her parents couldn’t always come to visit her, and that left her with Anon.

He came every single day, bringing books and toys, objects he knew she would like. Slowly, she began to remember who he was to her--her best friend and only confidant, the person she could always trust with her words. They grew closer than they had been before, to the point that when her parents died, he offered to take her in.

Essi had been shocked, of course--she wasn’t particularly attached to her parents, but they were the only other people she cared for other than Anon. She held onto him is tightly as she could, and gladly took the offer, knowing that this way she could make sure he was always with her, even though she knew--or thought she knew--that he would never love her back in the same way she does to him.

Connections to Other Characters: Essi, of course, is in love with Anon, even though she hasn’t confessed yet. As for other characters...well, I dunno yet.

Anything Else: You might have noticed, but Essi isn’t exactly up for love. While they aren’t together, Essi loves Anon very much and wouldn’t pass him by for anyone else. Whether the same can be said of Anon, however...Essi happens to be an artist, but not a very well-known one. It isn’t a matter of talent, but rather a matter of...memory. She often forgets to finish her paintings, and when she does remember, she simply forgets to sell.


Name: Anon Lancer

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Role: Civilian/Prospective Resistance Member

Moral Strength: 9/10, against Symbiosis, since Essi developed brain damage from the injection she got, and no matter what you say, he’ll never waver from his belief. Ever. That is, unless you manage to sway Essi, and seeing as she hasn’t exactly had a good experience in it beforehand...

Appearance: Anon looks rather odd and cute at the same time if you ask other people. He’s very fond of the colour green, and has gone to the point of dyeing his hair that way. It’s originally black, and the dye’s started to fade (ever so slowly) so his hair is a cross between dark green and black. He also dresses in green, and that’s why people often call him the “Mountain Tree” as a joke.

Yes, he’s tall, and proud of it. A note, actually--if you tease him about his appearance at all, he’ll simply tell you that he’s way more “gorgeous than a sweet little creature like you could ever be”. He likes wearing simple clothing, as it apparently “emphasizes” his good looks.

Spoiler! :
Anonsleeping.jpg (195.68 KiB) Viewed 506 times

Personality: Outwardly conceited, lively, joker. Inwardly miserable, depressed, think he's worthless and love Essi more than anything else in the world.

As noted above in his appearance, Anon is quite the narcissist. According to his words, “the only person I’m capable of loving in this world is myself”. He’s usually top to bottom filled with confidence, and is probably the sort of guy you’d want to be at the point of a team rather than the back. He’s a joker, the one that likes to keep things light and simple even when the going gets tough.

However, his outer personality is actually a contradiction to his past and what he actually thinks and does. Even though he says he can’t love anybody else, he’s deeply attached to Essi, and is actually in love with her. In fact, the only reason he has in life is to protect her--if Essi was gone, he wouldn’t know what to do, and that is way he rarely lets her out of his sight except when he doesn’t have any choice.

He actually believes he is quite ‘worthless’, and that he doesn’t deserve someone like Essi to be always by his side. Even his own parents treated him as little more than they did their lab rats, and he doesn’t have many friends because of his height and his odd behaviour. He treasures Essi, since there isn’t a lot of people who actually care about him the way she does, and won’t take it lightly if you harm her.

Brief History:

Born to a mother who didn't want him and a dad who was already married to another woman. Parents obviously didn't treat him well, lived in isolation and barely passed his classes until he met Essi in second grade. Shaped up, fell in love with her, but didn't think she had the same feelings for him as well. Tried to stop her from taking the injection, but blames himself for not having tried enough. Lives with Essi and does

Longer version:

Spoiler! :
Anon was born to two medical scientists who were relatively well-known in their field. It was an accident, however--his father was already married to another woman, and his mother hadn’t wanted a child in the first place, only an affair. As a result, his parents hid him from the public for the most part, only letting him go to school and back. They forbade him to ever tell anyone who his parents were, and he had to go through school with accusations of being a child whose parents didn’t want him--which, unfortunately, is true for the most part. He withdrew into himself, not talking to the other children and not doing anything except failing his classes badly and getting reprimanded all the time by his mother.

Then, he somehow fudged a pass in first grade, and moved up to second. There, he also repeated the behaviour, until the day when Essi first transferred into the class.

She was a shy, pretty little thing, and when he spoke to her, she didn’t treat him the way the other children did, rather seeming happy that someone actually bothered to say hello to her. They talked a long, long time, and at the end of that day, they were bosom friends, sworn to be by each others’ sides for as long as they lived. At that point, it was an unspoken bond, but he knew Essi was a friend he wanted to keep.

He grew up, drawing the attention of a few girls as he began to take more care of his appearance--and his grades. Very soon he found himself passing every subject, exam and class with ease, Essi always with him. It was in seventh grade that he found himself nursing feelings for her that he understood were more than friendship.

But, even though Essi was his friend, she was only that--nothing more. She drew people to her easily, and in his mind, she could just as easily pick one of the other boys who were so much more talented and full of life and...well, everything about them was better. Why would she want someone like him?

Another thing bothered him more, however. Essi was an intelligent girl, and ever since the Symbiosis injection came out, she held an uncanny fascination for it. He felt uneasy--with someone of her build, he worried that she wouldn’t be alright once she got that ‘thing’ into her. But Essi sought intelligence like a bee seeks out a flower--she was obsessed with the idea that she could be even more smarter, be able to do more than she was able to now. He worried, but he couldn’t stop her.

Twelfth grade rolled around, and Essi took the injection. But as he had worried, the symbiote didn’t react well with her--her body rejected the foreign matter, and in doing so, damaged a good part of her memory.

He was distraught. Essi couldn’t remember anything, let alone himself. He blamed himself over and over for not having tried enough to stop her. Desperate, he dropped out of school and took a job and his own apartment, so he could be close to Essi and visit her everyday.

His parents weren’t happy, of course. They told him that if he didn’t give up this ridiculous notion, they would disown him. To Anon, however, they had already disowned him long ago--it was Essi he wanted to remember him. He slowly sunk into a depression, with no one to talk to and Essi not remembering him at all.

One day, however, during a visit, she looked at him, and said something for the first time that wasn’t a string of nonsense words. “You’re...Anon, aren’t you?”

Not long after that, Essi’s parents got caught up in a car crash. He went ahead and did the only thing he could think of--he invited her over to stay at his place when she fully recovered. As said in her profile, she had accepted, and that is the status quo they’ve been maintaining since.

Connections to Other Characters: He loves Essi--she’s the only reason he’s still alive, actually. Other than that...well, we’ll just wait and see, won’t we?

Anything Else: He’s very likely to be changed over into a Resistance member. Oh, and...he’s up for dates, just not up for love. That’s Essi’s spot. xD
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Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:37 am
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Octave says...

Name: Elisabetta Fabian
Age: 26.5
Gender: Female
Role: SENTRY chief
Moral Strength: 10/10 for symbiosis. Would be 11, even. oo"

Appearance: Reddish-brown hair, smoky look, and hazel eyes. Decent height - around 5"7. Looks uptight, but she's fairly gorgeous.

Spoiler! :


Ignore how friendly she looks here, y? She's supposed to be an ice-cold beauty.

Personality: TL;DR: Fabian is a perfectionist who demands the same level of effort she gives from everyone around her. She's difficult to please and uptight, impulsive as well as super determined. Harsh, but incredibly loyal - to the point of harming herself to save a colleague.

Elisabetta has worked her butt off to get where she is, and she hasn't forgotten how much hard work she's put into it. She devotes herself to her duties almost all the time and often pushes herself to exhaustion. That said, she has little to no patience for incompetence and is very hard on her team, expecting them to give as much as she does. Still, her team is her family, and she would never ever leave any one of them to die. She's also prone to giving in to her emotions, and often acts before she thinks. Hardly ever sees past the direct consequences of her actions, and so sometimes bites off more than she can chew. Acting now is better than regretting what you could have done later, or so she thinks. Also important to note is that she has little impulse control and a temper to bring it all together.

Brief History:

In early 2025, Elisabetta's father left for work and never came home. Elisabetta and her mother would eventually hear about her father spearheading the resistance movement, always protesting and sometimes resorting to more violent means to have his protests heard.

She never quite forgave him for that. Since she was 15, Elisabetta was insistent on becoming a SENTRY. Her mother disapproved, but there was nothing anyone could do to stop Elisabetta. She entered the military academy and endured harsh treatment from the generals without a single word of complaint.

A year later, her mother remarried - this time to a politician. This helped Elisabetta rise through the ranks faster, and by the time she was 18 she was leading raids. The rest, they say, was history - she was recently promoted to SENTRY chief and General, and rumor goes that she'd be Field Marshall in a year if she's maintains her excellent record. If that happened, she would be the youngest ever Field Marshall. You could imagine how badly she wants it.

There are some who believe she rose through the ranks so quickly due to her...ahem, feminine assets, but the truth is it was really more a combination of her determination and her stepfather's influence.

Connections to Other Characters: This can be edited in as you plot with other members of the SB.

Anything Else: She's highly terrified of thunderstorms and has an injury she never fully recovered from on her right leg. It's not obvious when she walks, but when she runs you can see that she's a bit awkward. Trained in both hand-to-hand combat and in the use of all types of guns.
"The moral of this story, is that if I cause a stranger to choke to death for my amusement, what do you think I’ll do to you if you don’t tell me who ordered you to kill Colosimo?“

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Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:51 am
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Audy says...

Name: Jayla Knowe
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Role: Civilian, free-lance journalist (she got fired from Nova Times at one point), and host of television program, Nova Night Live
Moral Strength: Against, 10

Appearance: Known for her glasses.
Spoiler! :
journalist.png (601.51 KiB) Viewed 557 times

Personality: (Sassy, gossipy, clever, incredibly social, vindictive, and obsessed with cleanliness)

Jayla's job is people. She knows people.

If there's a whiff of a scandal in the air, Jayla will sniff it out. Politicians & celebrities beware. This chick is not afraid of making a scene, or unsettling controversies. That's what she has her show for.

Most people don't really consider Nova Night Live a reliable newsource; rather they just watch it cause it's the only thing on at the time and it's entertaining. That's what she likes to do, she likes to entertain. She likes to tell fantastic stories, and so what if it's just a rumor? Rumors are somewhat grounded in fact, right?

She likes wearing disguises, and she's got informants all across the globe to do her dirty work for her (she likes to black-mail).

It's not necessarily that she's a nasty person. Just that she takes her freedom of expression a bit too literally. Hence, she does not like symbiotes. She's a bit of a germaphobe too. She would be a full on resistance member, except that she sees them as dirty rats, and would probably not stand being in contact with them.

Brief History:

Her father was a pilot and her mother was a well-off businesswoman. Growing up, she never got to see her parents much. She flunked out of college and only by luck managed to get a piece published in the Times. She worked for the newspaper for a few years and rapidly got a readership. This enabled her to report on The Hawes Project where she met and talked with Charles Oxford, Dr Hawes (senior), and Maxwell Hyatt.

Her story on Hyatt got her fired from the press and since then she has held a grudge and wishes to pursue her own personal vendetta against him. She'll try anything she can to make him lose the next election. Even if it means running herself.

But for now she's hosting Nova Night Live. FCC are on her tails. She's prone to getting into a lot of trouble because of the things she says.

Connections to Other Characters:
She hates Maxwell Hyatt.

She supports Patricia Peters; potential friend.

Friend and former colleague of Carmen Andreas.

Has been waiting to get Nicolae Henderson to appear on her show.

Anything Else: She knows everybody, their grandmothers, and their backstory. Don't be surprised. Might run for office...?

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Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:24 am
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joshuapaul says...

Name:Eric Sharp
Role:Civilian/Journalist/Editor of Nova Journal/Mouthpiece for Hyatt and Symbiosis
Moral Strength:1/10 Elastic morality. Will do anything for a quick buck. Has no real opinion on Symbiosis. Why the hell should he, Hyatt pays him the big bucks and he won't neglect their understanding. Unless the price is right, of course.

Appearance: Salt a pepper stubble. Scar creased from below his right eye to his upper lip, from a run in with debt collectors. 6'0" doc says. Black hair combed back tight. Seldom wears anything other than a plain shirt, tie and coffee-stained grin. His friends, who come and go, joke about how he sleeps in shirt and tie.

Spoiler! :

Personality:Dishonest, but honest with himself. He knows he's a bad guy. Doesn't keep ties, they only weigh him down. Clever. Well read. Shoots from the hip. Compulsive gambler.

To some he's a straight shooter, sees the resistance for what they are, scum, washed up and desperate to upset the middle class. To others he's a menace, a target. He distributes the propaganda that suppresses the up-rise. Sharps heard it all, and he doesn't give a damn what any one else has to say. As long as he has his condo, a steady supply of cocaine, his twenty year old broads and his bone handled Magnum under his bed, he doesn't care. Lifes simple, you squeeze it for everything, snatch and run and when it's over let the ninetofive losers pick up the scraps.

Brief History: Has a dirty dark past dating back to his years as a lonely intern. A history stained with allegations of bribery, corruption and some have suggested a role in the slaying of three enforcers who defected to the resistance. Word has it, Sharp whispered in Hyatt's ear, the next day three bodies wash up. Still in uniform.

Connections to Other Characters: Had a brief affair with Jayla Knowe, or so the rumour goes. Close ties with Hyatt and symbiosis. Has 'sources' planted about the city.

Anything Else: He has a son that nobody knows about. Someone he can't even look in the eye. He doesn't want to know him, he doesn't care about him, so let's leave it at that, shall we?
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Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:26 pm
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Incognito says...

Aubrey Hyatt



Civilian; failed surgery

Moral Strength: 10, against Symbiosis.

Spoiler! :

Aubrey has long blonde hair, which only has a slight wave to it on occasion when it is brushed. Much of the time though, her hair is left wild like a lion's mane. That contrasts though with her soft features and large blue eyes which give her almost an innocent look or kinda doe-eyed. Her bright eyes are always open wide as if the world is a brand new and almost terrifying place. Her lips are usually pursed together as if in a frown, though when she smiles, it lights up her face.

When she is taking care of herself, her clothing is usually messy, usually t-shirts and sweats. But when her mother or the nurse is there to look after her, her clothing is usually exact. Everything ironed perfectly, and looks very sharp. She is around average height though is extremely lanky and very thin.

Well, Aubrey is schizophrenic. The world around her is odd and she distrusts it. She sees everything as dangerous and to be feared. She doesn't trust people she hasn't known for some time and will become violent and impatient with those she has only just met. More over she is very paranoid, thinking the whole world is a giant trap that is after her. She gets angry, abusive and often times will hurt other people.

But she is smart and intelligent. She may have very shaky hands and is very clumsy, but she can rattle off statistics from the top of her head. She loves mathematics, geography, physics, sciences. She likes everything with a definable answer. If things don't, or she can't perceive it she will either get upset or angry. That is why she has little time for new people for she does not know who they are, she can't predict their movements or what they are thinking.

She can be morbid though, killing people for having the life she has never been able to have. She knows that she is not normal and that she will never be, and that creates envy. She has been arrested, though never charged, for assault, battery, theft, and murder. Always, mysteriously, the charges are dropped. She has a weird humour also, laughing at things others may not find funny, like the pain in others or other simple and subtle things.

Most of the time, she is upbeat though, moderately friendly, and can be very compassionate and loyal to the ones she knows.

Tl;dr: Likes things that always have an answer so doesn't like people. She barely has any social skills, its volatile and has a temper. Laughs at weird things, but is other wise upbeat. Very protective over the ones she loves/knows.

Brief History:
Aubrey Hyatt was a mistake.

She was the daughter of the great Maxwell Hyatt and would have had an amazing life of being spoiled and cared for. But that was not what happened. She underwent the surgery for Symbiosis and everything went wrong. While in the surgery on her brain, they cut out a piece to insert the parasite in, but as soon as they did, the parasite died. They did not know this and they closed her up.

Her psychological cortex was damaged severely, this dead organism damaging her brain in many places. Her childhood was full of pain, and much of the time she was bedridden. She wasn't herself anymore. She wasn't that little sophisticated blonde child who had dreams and aspirations to change the world like her father. But that part of her died with the failure. Her mother sheltered her from her father, Aubrey never knowing who he was. She was raised to think it a coincidence her last name was the same.

She obviously grew up with some issues. She could not learn like other people. She would get angry and frustrated and found her only solace in numbers. When she would read, she would not continue because she did not know the end of the story. Numbers were the only thing that made sense to her. And so that is what she studied.

She lives in a town house with her mother and Nanny. Her mother has money, after having split up and sued her husband, so it is furnished nicely and she is well cared for. She tends to strike out on her own in the streets though, only ever speaking few words to anyone.

Connections to Other Characters:
Maxwell Hyatt; her father

Anything Else:
She loves sweet things; candy, pastries, desserts. She really does not like spicy food though.
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Lumi says...

After this post, no OOC posts may be made in this thread. Direct all questions and ideas to the DT or PMs.

I fear, above all things in this moment,
that my discoveries will now consume mankind
in the greatest existential wildfire since the writings
of Moses.

Charles Oxford, 2021


November 5th

“Gentlemen, if nothing before this moment has convinced you, what you’re about to see will utterly conclude any queries regarding the potential of mankind. You will see the source of the next step in mankind’s great progress, and will hear the truth straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Twenty-seven college boys stood around a single man in a labcoat, notepads out and pencils scratching. To miss a single word was a sin in their eyes, and sin, they concluded years ago, was a Bad Thing.

With a brisk clasp of his hands, the man in the labcoat grinned and peered at the eager gentlemen before him and nodded. “Very well, then. If you’ll follow me, gentlemen!” He turned, leading them through a sliding door into a decontamination chamber in which a gray mist consumed their eyesight and forced them to blink away the droplets in their eyes. It was nothing strange--the typical de-contaminant that was even present in their laboratories at school. State of the art, extracted nerve cell fluid from the blood of a man killed by a bio-weapon. Standard practice in contemporary science.

The men proceeded forwards into a large hall lined with cylindrical pillars of glass. A strange azure fluid filled the vessels, and upon closer inspection, infinitesimal creatures littered the fluid. They resembled algae, bloated and magnified a hundred times to the size of a small finger. Thousands upon thousands of tiny algae fingers, all swimming in this primordial ooze.

“This hall,” said the professor, “is our containment facility in which we breed and monitor Charles Oxford’s masterpiece: Ozmodium Cerebri. For shorthand notation, they are known in our facilities as Cerebri. What is so important about these creatures, gentlemen? I’ll tell you.”

The man approached the nearest blue pillar and touched the glass, garnering a flood of Cerebri upon his hand, separated by just the containment unit. “These creatures have a natural, insatiable thirst for human thought. It appears, upon decades of research, that thought--write this down--is their sustenance. Now, this is not limited only to human thought, of course, but the brains of humans are highly-functioning, wouldn’t you say?”

The boys nodded in unison.

“Then you understand why they are drawn to us.” He motioned towards a screen displaying graphic waves crossing in red sine waves. “This monitor displays the communicable activity of the Cerebri as we speak. When compared to a human’s communication capability...” He touched the screen, displaying a blue cosine wave. “...they are completely inverse. And since we know what we know about human communication: it is limited by sight; it is limited by hearing; it is limited by our five senses in general; we can deduce that the Cerebri complement this arc of thought. Therefore, the Cerebri communicate through purely telepathic means.”

He turned back to the boys, grinning once more. “Gentlemen, behold your Symbiote.”


Mitchell unbuttoned his labcoat, hanging it in his locker and snagging his finger on a jagged edge of the door where it appeared someone had tried to break the lock...again. He furrowed his brow, kneeling down to examine the lock while sucking on the fresh cut to stop the bleeding. This one had been desperate. Crowbar, possibly gunfire. It was the third time this month--November, that is--that he’d found the door to his work locker mangled, but nothing had ever been stolen. He was glad, too.

A couple of pictures and newspaper clippings were taped to the back. One in particular made him smile: Dr. Hawes and Dr. Bales blaze trails in minimizing operation risks. It was his first project with Millie, and by far his favorite with the current staff. A few college photos and trinkets from the past, all lined up in the bottom.

But nothing that would serve interest to a robber.

Mitchell closed the door, typed in his key code to lock the door back, and turned, coming face-to-face with a masked gunman, a semi pointed between his eyes. Mitchell swallowed a lump in his throat, taking a step back against the lockers. The gunman advanced.

“Enter your keycode,” he said in a gruff voice. Mitchell hesitated, taking heavy, broken breaths as he reached behind him to touch the keypad. “Now!

“Alright,” he said, “alright. Just hold. on.” Why would a gunman want something in his locker? And how would a gunman get in in the first place? Mitchell turned, moving a cautious hand down to the keypad where he typed in 911.
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Skull3670 says...

Name: Cypher Skyre
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Role: Civillian
Moral Strength: 7 for Symbiosis

Appearance: Shaggy dirty blonde hair, black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, blue jeans, chunky belt and his signature red shoes and wristband. Sometimes wears a black leather trench coat and a black hat.

Personality: (Sombre, quiet, cool, famous)

He is solemn in the cool quiet way you see in some movie heroes. Lately his reticence about dealing with people has faded, with the memories of his arguing bandmates.

Brief History:Before his symbiosis he was the bassist and lyricist of the famous band The One Eyed Royals. After he grew tired of the infighting that came with success and retired from the music buisness. With his money he had himself symbioted and augmented with technology, turning his penthouse in a fortress of solitude. Of late however he has began emerging into the world once more, all the fuss over symbiotes having sparked his attention. He is also the son of notable Ex Sentry Mikael Skyre and Symbiote Surgeon Amanda Eisenstein.

Connections to Other Characters: This can be edited in as you plot with other members of the SB.

Anything Else: Up for love. Likes smart women so probably a surgeon. Oh and he is famous, obviously.
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Audy says...

Underneath green sky, set off by the watery flooded ambiance of the city lights, a young man sat cross-legged, leaning against the mortar bricks of the parking deck.

He blended in quite nicely in his janitor garb, a fake ID attached to his front pocket, and a half-lit cigarette dangling out of his mouth.

The best part of the disguise, he thought dreamily, besides being allowed to stroll through all corridors of the hospital, was the sheer amount of pockets: for the cigarettes, for his music player, for his wrenches and tools of various sizes, for his smartphone--

To Jude's annoyance, the phone began to buzz.

It was the boss, and if the irritant buzzing was anything to go by, Jude would say Noah couldn't be particularly pleased with their recent performance.

Thrice he was sent in to collect DNA and thrice, he kept coming up with partial prints. How delicate could this Doctor be that he can't even properly handle his own things?

Ah, well. Time to set up.

Jude casually walked through the sliding doors, eagerly holding out his ID to the disinterested security man. When the man waved him away, Jude made sure to slip the ID off, dropping it into one of his many pockets.

Today seemed more congested than usual. There seemed to be more doctors and students around, walking confidently with clipboards at their hands. Jude couldn't even stand to look at them. They were Symbots. All of them.

Not one of them gave him a second's notice, and why would they bother? That was the problem with Symbots. They might have all the logic in the world, but none of the curiosity of a real, breathing human. And for that he was grateful. Jude was hardly able to contain his excitement, smiling from ear to ear, whistling a familiar show-tune. He felt privileged this way. As if he were in on an exclusive secret that would profoundly impact the world in which he knew. Which of course, was exactly the case.

After taking a few left-turns, Jude came upon the janitor closet where he was able to pick up his mop-cart, to which he carried straight to the men's bathroom.

He glanced at his watch. He only had a few minutes' gap and he was already running late.
One man, a doctor who was drying his hands, looked at him funny before he headed out the door.

"Yeah, leave me with all these droplets to mop off, why don'tcha?" Jude said after flicking him off.

Once he made sure that there was nobody in the other stalls, he set about assembling his gun. The cart had a separate compartment for his hi-powered hoover hose. He liked to keep his 9MM's parts inside there, safe from prying eyes. The parts by themselves, in pieces, and spread apart, as well as masked by the vacuum's own exterior, won't be picked up by the scanners.

His ingenious plan did have the disadvantage of having to reassemble and disassemble the darn thing each time he had to use it.

But once it was done, he could stroll out of the bathroom, stow the mop-cart back into the janitor's closet, and once inside, pop off one of the ceiling tiles, where he maneuvered his way through the hospital vents. Old-school style.

From there it was good-bye to the janitor garb, and hello to masked, leather-garb rebel in tights. Yee-ow! This whole process was already becoming routine to him.

Jude crawled and inched his way a few dozen yards before dropping in the locker rooms. To his surprise, he found there was somebody already at the locker he was about to scan for prints.

He recognized the man from the photographs. This was unexpected. Ah, well, time to have a little fun.

"Enter your key code," Jude said, in as threatening a manner as he could manage it. "Now!" Dr. Hawes seemed shocked, slightly shaking as he felt the gun barrel to his head. For a moment, Jude wondered about the consequences of misfiring right here and now, of taking one of their lives, the way they took Marlena's. It would be so easy. By just adding a little bit more pressure to his pointer finger, he could...

Just then, Jude realized what the problem was and why they weren't able to get any prints or DNA. The prick of a Doctor had on rubber latex gloves! Glued as though they were a second-skin. Oh great! To think something so simple could cause them all this trouble.

Ah well. Jude quickly plucked a pinch of hair from the Doctor's head.
"Ow!" Dr. Hawes grabbed his head, whipping around to face his assailant, but Jude had already ran off in the direction of the nearest exit. A man in a motorcycle was clearly waiting for him. For a moment, Jude looked back behind his shoulder, his eyes meeting with Hawes and his hands waving in a theatrical manner.

"Thank you, Doctor. My sincerest apologies for the damage to your locker, I'll have the janitor patch it right up for you."

And with that, he bowed and hopped on.

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Skull3670 says...

Cypher Skyre

I got up and rolled out of bed, blinking in the bright morning light streaming through the blinds.
"Computer, window tint 50%." Instantly toner seemed to bleed into the windows, reducing the brightness in his spacious penthouse. "Thats better," i smirked pulling on a robe and shuffling over to the kitchen.
"What would you like for breakfast?" Came the automated voice of the computer or Gizmo as i had taken to calling it.
"Hmm, two toast, well cooked bacon and an earl gray." I replied. "And news Gizmo?"
"Nova Night Live called again about an interview."
"Not going to happen Giz."
Vultures, i thought bitterly. Steven has been dead barley a week and here they are, sticking their noses in. The wall glowed and sank back revealing a perfect bacon sandwich and a cup of tea. I took a bite revelling in he taste. God Gizmo was a good cook. I powered up the radio on the touchpad and sat down to finish my breakfast. An old One Eyed Royals track was there to greet him. He felt a certain satisfaction as his listened to his rippling solo. Savouring the last morsel of bacon with the end of the song and deciding the tea was far too hot i headed into the wash room.
"The usual, sir?"
"Of course Giz." The water blasted from the inbuilt ceiling panel at a perfect constant 25 degrees. Feeling much better i opened the walk in dresser and chose my signature attire.
As much as i hate the attention, i thought. I love these clothes more. Tying my laces and pulling on my hat i headed out the door, riding the elevator to the bottom floor.
"Have a nice day Mr Skyre," smiled the old desk clerk.
"Thanks Reggie," i replied heading out of the lobby and on to the street. I headed left towards the underground carpark and changed my mind.
The walk will do you good, i thought. It's not like your in a rush. Just off to settle the score with gpd damned Nova Night.
Yes, Steven died. The man who had been like a brother to him before fame made him an uncontrolled agrresive junkie, was now dead in a car accident. Just another statistic. But that didn't give them the right to dredge up the past for no good reason. Hell in his will he had donated half his net worth to the Children of Harmony orphanage. He was a fricking hero! But inevitably the drugs would come up.
I need to talk to Jayla, he thought. She at least has some moral fibre. Unlike that tool Eric Sharp.
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JabberHut says...

Maxwell Hyatt | Nova District | Hyatt's Office

"--would like to meet with you to discuss the gambling laws of Orion District. At three this afternoon, there's a press meeting you agreed to hold in regards to the Hawes Project--"

"Cancel that," Hyatt said immediately, not looking up from what he was writing.


"There's nothing to update them on." He stopped writing and looked at the holographic screen projecting from the computer embedded in his desktop, dragging his finger across and around the hologram in search of a report. "Continue."

"Er... Sir, you said yourself you'd hold--"

"I guess I lied."

Hyatt met the young secretary's gaze. She was a young thing, obviously new to the job. He lost count as to how many secretaries he's gone through, and this one certainly wasn't the best one he had -- nor the best looking. It was the glasses, he was sure. Still, his look was enough to get her moving. He looked back to the report on his screen and continued writing on the computer pad.

"Well, then there's a meeting at four to discuss the northern parks of Galaxy District--"

"I'm not wasting my time on parks."

The secretary stopped again. That didn't phase him. He continued doing his work. It was a report he was filling out by hand. While technology was incredibly convenient and reliable, handwriting is a more reliable identifier when confirming who he was -- basically, a precaution against the most basic of forgery. And so, Hyatt wrote up this report for the mayor in Galaxy District -- and no, it was not about parks.

A letter regarding the continuation of constructing a new virtual Botanical gardens in the north? Yes. But not parks.

"Sir, I highly suggest--"

"You're excused."

The secretary squeaked. "But sir--"

"You're excused."

Hyatt didn't pay attention to her complains as a SENTRY led her out of his office. As they left the room, a man entered the room with a raised brow. "That's the fifth secretary this week, Maxwell."

"Find me a good one, and we won't have to make it a sixth."

"The Solaris District is busy again today," the man replied. "I suggest cancelling that press conference you were planning on since you won't have anything new to say anyway."

Hyatt smirked and looked up from his report. "You're a wise man, my good friend. If anyone were to serve as lieutenant governor with me, I'm glad it was you."

The man nodded. "You already cancelled it."

Hyatt signed the document with his name. With a swipe of his finger, he sent the report to the mayor of Galaxy District. He looked up at the man and smiled pleasantly, leaning back in his chair and folding his hands together. "Update me on the press in regards to the Hawes Project before someone decides to interrupt my work again."
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Incognito says...

Aubrey Hyatt | Starbucks

She sat there innocently at the small table in the corner of the Starbucks facing an empty chair across from her. She didn't really look around her that much, for she did not wish to talk to anyone. It wasn't a social visit. She liked the atmosphere of the Starbucks, the warm friendly smell and the some what fake smiles of everyone around her. She liked to listen to laughter. But all her attention was focused on the paper in front of her.

On it was a crossword, which was the bane of her existence.

In her manner, she would always conduct every crossword in the same way, doing all the down words first, then the across if it was necessary, and always by the numerical order. She never skipped. But this crossword had stumped her. 38 down. 7 letters. She could not even fathom the answer.

She had been working on this same crossword since the prior Monday. She would set it down for a while but the fact that it was incomplete would pester her in the back of her mind. She couldn't focus on anything. She just needed this crossword to be completed, then she would be happy.

Nana had told her that maybe there was an error in the puzzle. That couldn't be. There was no allowance for error's in Aubrey's world.

Casually she tapped her pen on the desk to some irritation of the others, but she had been sitting here for an hour already. She had a cappuccino in front of her that she hadn't touched. They couldn't kick her out with that still there. She was a paying customer. She had no intention on moving until the answer came to her.

So continuously, her pen tapped the table, back and forth.

Tip. Tap, tap, tip. Tap, tap, tip.
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Shearwater says...

Patrica Peters | Nova District | Patrica's Office

Patrica looked at the newspaper with a finely arched eyebrow. Her lips pressed together as she stared into the motionless captured eyes of Mitchell, the man who changed the world. Sure, he was a smart fellow, she'd give him that much but as far as his views went on the advancement of the human race, she had to object to everything he stood for.

There was a knock on her door which made her drop the pen she was holding an inch away from the picture of Mitchell Hawes' face. "Trish, I have some news for you," Kevin, her trusty campaign manager said as he entered the room in his clean-cut dark grey suit. He wore his usual 'bad news' expression which he was desperately trying to hide behind his modest smile.

Patrica looked up and met his brown eyes with a worried look. These days, she just hadn't been getting very good news. Her strategies to fight the symbiosis movement was rigorous and with many citizens already more pro-symbiosis than anti, it was a battle in which she imagined herself as a Spartan going against the Persian Empire.

"Lay it on me, Kevin, it can't be worse then the fact that my interview with Nova times had been cancelled due to the conflicting schedule with Hyatt's press conference." Patrica sighed, lolling back in her chair and crossing her legs.

Kevin's frowned. "The mayor cancelled his press conference, Trish."

A pang of sudden anger relinquished itself over her entire body. Canceled? He canceled the press conference just like that? If it hadn't been for that press conference, Patrica could've gotten her chance at the interview with one of Nova Time's best reporter. She was a young politician and therefore she needed every bit of leverage she could get if she was going to be the next mayor.

People never trusted kids with expensive cars, she thought. Nova City was one hell of an expensive car and although she was a promising candidate, the keys of the city weren't easily given away.

Patrica stayed still, letting her anger boil over her head and through her fingers, all the way down her spine and finally, after a few long painful seconds, it subdued. She turned to Kevin with a forced smile.

"Well, that's inconvenient," she replied sarcastically and cursed at Hyatt inside of her head.

"There's a chance they might call to offer another interview with you though," he cajoled. "Since Hyatt canceled his conference, there's nothing to report so they might - "

"I feel like his leftover dog food," Patrica cut in. She rubbed her temples with two fingers and massaged away the remaining anguish.

Kevin sat down on the leather arm chair and put his arm back. "Want some lunch? I know a great restaurant not too far from here," he proffered, letting it settle in the air along with her conflicting feelings.

"Lunch?" Patrica asked after a few seconds. "Okay, that sounds good. I could use a break." She got up and threw the newspaper in the disposal and picked up her computer pad and forced it into her leather bag. "Let's go."
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Lava says...

November 5th | Dr.Milena Bales

A biohazard bin was filled with discarded petri-plates. The entire area would have been reeking if it weren't for the state-of-the-art ventilation and purification system that was recently installed.
The brights lights reflected off the laminar chamber base where a hunched figure in a white coat was peering at a rack of tiny eppendorf tubes, each of which was filled with some clear liquid. But Milly knew better. These were all various extracts she was planning to work with to identify how it affected the Symbiote.
"O.cerebri", she corrected herself.

She was ready to call it a day. After all, she had to incubate these samples before working further. She glanced around at the other scientists who were either furrowing at a screen or immersed in wet lab work. With utmost meticulous precision, she replaced the reagents, the samples and the media, and replaced her coat on the rack. She moved its folds so that the bright red “Dr. Bales, Sr. Scientist” was visible to everyone.

“Milly! Are you going home?” A familiar voice called out. Milly stopped walking out the doors and turned to give a questioning look to Sarah while she replied, “No. I’m heading to the dinner hall before leaving. Do you need a drive back home?”
She knew that Sarah didn't always bring her own vehicle and it was always in good spirit to have company.
The nodded. “Yes thank you, if it’s no trouble for you.”
She grinned. “Sure!” And with that, Milly entered the decontamination unit and proceeded to the dinner hall.


She was picking at the pieces of food on her plate when Dr.Hawes seated himself opposite her. He looked tired and weary. No, it was something else, Milly noted. But she didn’t want to ask him.

Sometimes, a student group left him volatile, and she didn’t want to prod him.
She hoped he would be alright tomorrow. She needed his supervision for the next set of experiments. She gave a cursory smile and continued eating.
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