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Why We Don't Delete Usernames Or Literary Items

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Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:58 pm
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Nate says...

I get asked at least once a week if I can delete someone's username, or something they wrote.

However, my response is usually, "Sorry, no can do," or something along those lines.

Why Don't You Delete Usernames?

YWS runs on a database system, and deleting a username causes havoc. Every single topic in which you posted just once all of a sudden becomes inaccessible.

However, if the person has a true reason for wanting their username deleted, I change it to something like [ deleted ]. Otherwise, I just take their name off the e-mail list.

Why Don't You Delete Literary Items?

When you post something, other people critique it, and a lot of people put work into that critique. Deleting your work is unfair to those people.

Plus, if you want your work deleted, you can very easily edit out all the text or unpublish it.


There are exceptions for literary works only. If it's plagiarized, it'll be deleted. If it's appearing in published form and you would like it removed, it'll be deleted then too.
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