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Orwellian sheep?

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Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:24 pm
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skwmusic says...

I find it funny that the only topics that ever seem to capture the public's attention is when they're personal beliefs are "under fire" (in quotations because most of the time their beliefs are not in question, only other people's right to say screw your beliefs) for instance gay marriage, abortion, etc. Meanwhile much larger issues like wealth inequality, domestic violence, bloated military budgets, and the growing influence of big corporations are brushed under the rug. In fact most people usually say that they don't like politics, that it's "dirty" and they don't want to get involved, as if that'll actually prevent politics from being involved in their lives. George Orwell made it clear in 1984 that those who don't care for the system, only allow the system to take advantage of them. So why do you think that people act like this?
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Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:01 pm
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Snoink says...

I don't think what you're saying is true.

These personal beliefs are not unimportant, first of all. You may consider them as such, but you would be in the minority.

Second of all, wealth inequality is one of the most talked about things in our time, with the Occupy movements and what not. The Occupy movement, in particular, is definitely set against the Big Corporations. So, this is a huge issue. Don't underestimate the importance of these issus!

As far as the military goes, the military's budget has always been a concern, especially since we were in two wars. This concern over the military budget actually pressured our poliicians to move out of Iraq in the first place.

As far as domestic violence goes, I don't quite understand what you are saying. There is more information and programs to how to prevent and stop domestic violence than ever before, really. There's a lot of information available, to the point where that some of YWS's staff actually deal with these cases. I mean, yeah. Domestic violence still happens. But, it's definitely not being swept under a rug. In fact, I would argue that there is more widespread knowledge about it than ever before.

So yeah. I know that there are people who don't realy care for politics and just avoid it. But, these issues, I think, are not something that is swept under the rug, so I'm not sure what your complaint is. Maybe you're just in a weird part of the country?
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Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:33 pm
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Cole says...

Snoink, I totally agree with you.

But seriously Skwmusic, what is it with you and disregarding people’s personal beliefs? Have a little empathy. As I do agree with Snoink that people are very aware and are concerned about the issues you mentioned, perhaps to some people, political issues such as gay marriage or abortion are more important to them than anything else. What's so wrong about that?

It's not a crime to have different opinions or priorities than everyone else. Sure maybe being more concerned about gay marriage than about wealth inequality is a little heedless, however, some people just have varying concerns and prioritize a little differently.
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Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:28 pm
parigirle says...

It is human nature to care about what affects you personally. Everyone feels the need to stand up for their beliefs simply because their beliefs, and that need should not be discredited because it is an instinctive reaction, and it makes sense.We are emotional beings. One of the topics you listed was gay marriage - well, if I were in a serious relationship and wanted to get married to my partner but could not because the law did not allow it, it would make logical sense that I would feel more strongly about the issue of gay marriage than I would about, say, domestic violence, because the latter is not pertinent to me. Perhaps you would call that selfish, but it seems to me that is merely more realistic.

It is just a part of how we are that we are less likely to go up in arms when it comes to something that does not affect us. To a degree, it is ignorance, but most people who were not personally abused will probably not feel as strongly about abuse, simply because they have not experienced it. Yes, they may believe that is wrong and no one should have to suffer through it, and they would be right, and they might fight against abuse, but they just would not be able to muster up the same amount of passion as someone who had been abused. I am, of course, generalising a bit, and am mainly talking about the majority.

The other issue is that topics where your own emotions are involved are much easier to debate about because you have a basis for your argument. Arguing about politics requires that one have a knowledge of politics, otherwise one will simply look ignorant, and, unfortunately, many people are not well-versed in the ways of politics. This personally irritates me a lot, but it is not quite on topic, so I will leave it be.

Also, how can one decide what topics are important to be discussed and which are less important? Who has the right to say that gay marriage is less important than wealth inequality or that people are making a big deal out of abortions for nothing? Everyone prioritises their beliefs differently, and there is no right way to prioritise.

Lastly, what you said lacks a certain amount of credence in that "wealth inequality, domestic violence, bloated military budgets, and the growing influence of big corporations" are definitely discussed often. As Snoink mentioned, look at the Occupy movement that generated so much attention from the world. We discussed it in literally every class, for example. Laws against abuse are put in place and people everywhere are starting/helping at centers that offer help to victims of domestic abuse, as well as raising awareness about it. People often take the military aims of a party into consideration while voting in an election (I know I heard a lot of discussion about the Conservative vs. Liberal vs. New Democratic Party plans for the military budget during the recent Canadian federal election), and the big corporation issue can be linked back to the Occupy movement as well as all the debate about whether larger corporations should be offered tax cuts etc.

I do not personally agree with most of what you have said, but I do understand where you are coming from.