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Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:55 pm
Wolfdancer95 says...

21st centry, humans have discovered the way of cloning. The process is to take a formed DNA cell and inject it into a mother to carry it to term. (paraphrased, headache and internet blocking Wikipedia on me)

In my ancient history class maybe 8 months ago, we were doing DNA forsenic stuff and cloning came up. The debate went on for half the lesson and the teacher had to intervene.

1) One Girl said that we could clone long dead ancient people (Tutankamen),

I said it wouldn't do much good for a copy of a king walking around. He would be useless other then to study. Which had got me thinking more that with this idea we could see the typical pyschical aappearance of an eygptian, but we have to remember that immune systems weren't as good back then, Tut would have died rather quickly if he came within a modern virus. to keep him alive he would have had to live in a bubble.

2) One Guy said Cloning for Human Organ Farms:

That really opened a can of worms in the class, some said for the cost of health, maybe, somesay condeming a human life for another is wrong and unethical. We then discussed if a clone would have the same humanity stands as the cloned would have, or are they considered the same person? Twins are not so. Is the clone under the original?

3) Cloning individual organs

This wasn't brought up specifically, but tiptoed around. this is what is legal, and what is being developed. People die waiting for transplants, what would happen is one was being grown for you? a posative matching one with no chance of being regected by the body?

Any thing to add? say? debate? Good? Bad?
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