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Alan Watts: On Being God

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Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:43 pm
inkwell says...

Spoiler! :
If you don't know me, I'm an atheist. This isn't a discussion, or lecture (text from lecture) for that matter, on whether or not Jesus existed, or if God is real. It's a discussion on scriptural interpretation and Christian theology. I wasn't sure exactly what club would care to read this so I'm just putting it in the serious discussion forum. Disclaimer: I don't necessarily believe what this man says, but I find it very thought provoking.

Alan Watts: On Being God: Jesus made irrelevant by pedestalization

Plenty of people have claimed to be God. Jesus certainly had this transformation of consciousness. And he was crucified for it. Why? Because he had committed an act of insubordination and treason against the cosmic government. Because if you believe God is a monarch, an absolute omniscient and omnipotent authority, shall we say a sort of cosmic ego, then to introduce that is to introduce democracy into the Kingdom of Heaven. To assert divine authority and to speak in its name without proper authorization.

And when he was accused of blasphemy for this, the Jews took up stones to stone him but Jesus said “By what good works do you stone me?” and they said “Not for good works but for you being a man claim to be God.” Listen to Jesus’ reply “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said ye are gods [Psalm 82:6].’ And if that is what the scriptures say, it cannot be denied so why do you tell me I have blasphemed because I have said I am a son of God. Notice he will always say “a” son of God not “the” but you won’t find that in your KJV. You see, in Greek, leaving out the definite article (the) is the equivalent of introducing the indefinite article (a). Jesus is a son of God, not "the." Now “son of” in Aramaic and Hebrew means "of the nature of." So ‘son of God’ is a claim to divinity. Now this being blaspheme for the Jews, it became blasphemous for the Christians for anyone else to say this. They said “Okay baby! It was so with you but there it stops! No more of this business” and by that Jesus was rendered irrelevant by pedestalization, by being kicked upstairs. In spite of the fact that he said “greater works than these that I do, shall you do,” Oh no upstairs with you, baby. Because, we just can’t have that sort of thing going on in our monarchal universe, we can’t have democracy in the Kingdom of Heaven.

So this is why the Gospel is impossible because we are supposed to follow the example of Christ and yet abstain. He says for example "Be not anxious" for the moral. Do not worry what you shall eat, what you shall drink, and what you shall wear, does he not take care of the birds and don’t the flowers grow and they’re great. I have never in my life heard a sermon preached on that because it’s totally subversive. The economy would crash. So they say “Yes, that’s all well and good but you see he was the Boss’ son. He had that colossal advantage.” Take up your cross and follow me “but hey wait a minute, I don’t know I’m going to be resurrected three days later. I can’t do all those miracles. He had an unfair advantage so how can you ask us to follow his example.” But supposedly he didn’t have an unfair advantage. Now supposing what Jesus said about being a son of God is true of us. Are we as humans intended to be God, one with God? The Hindus understand it, the Sufis, the Buddhist hint at it, the Daoist, a lot of people understand it but so what? The importance of it is this that to know you are God is another way of saying you feel completely with this universe, you feel profoundly rooted in it and connected with it, you feel the whole energy in the galaxies and are intimate with it. Not something to which you are a stranger, in your talking, your hearing, your moving, you express that which moves the sun and what not.

Spoiler! :
My own food for thought addition:
Jesus said to his Jews: "The law was for slaves—love god as I love him, as his son! What do we sons of God have to do with morality!"

– Nietzsche

I don't know how to put a video into a forum so here goes: ... r_embedded
"The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible." — Einstein

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Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:28 pm
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freewritersavvy says...

Interesting Logic...
:) It was certainly a different sort of read.
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