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Cannibalism in a desperate situation

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Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:19 am
Snoink says...

Actually, while there are a few cases in which cannibalism is seen as something okay, in most cultures, it's seen as horrifying. When the Africans were taken as chattel slaves to the Americas way back when, they thought the Whites would eat them, for instance, whereas the Whites thought that the Africans would eat them, had they the chance. So, in the materialistic sense, cannibalism has always been uncouth, at least in anthropological records. (I think this information is from Complicity, though it may be from somewhere else... maybe The Story of American Freedom?... sorry for the lack of specifics!)

The instances where cannibalism is seen as something positive are when the spirits of the people are brought into those who are consuming the person. So, for example, a modern example of this kind of mentality belongs to certain Christian faiths (Orthodox and Catholic, primarily) that believe they are eating Jesus Christ when they eat communion, and by bringing in His Spirit, they become more fully one in Christ. This is not quite cannibalism, because those types of Christians believe they are eating Christ, who is God, so it's different, but in true cannibalism, eating the flesh of another human, when viewed in a positive light is almost entirely because of the spiritual connotations rather than the material ones.

Still, because of that spiritual view, eating one's flesh can be seen as negative. For example, there are some cultures that forbid eating meat because they believe that people are reincarnated into animals, and it's just something not to be done. To possess the human spirit in that way through consumption is seen as a kind of evil, or an abuse of power.

So yeah. Different ways of looking at it! However, I think that the main reason why eating humans is so horrifying for us is because of these spiritual implications, even if you may not be devout or religious at all.
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Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:15 pm
Napier says...

If I died on a desert island around friends, I'd be happy for them to eat me if that was the only way to survive. I wouldn't want to be killed, but if I was the first to die then I'd be happy to be eaten.
Just trying to lighten the mood a little :P
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Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:32 pm
sockmonkey says...

:shock: The pumpkin image scared me!Well I am sorry if this is off topic but think about this is it murder if you are in a burning building and someone falls down and cant' get up if you keep running and they die is it murder?what if you are drowning and someone pulls you under so they can stay afloat [that did happen to me and I nearly drowned] and what of someone kidnaps two people and forces them to fight to the death[no I don't' watch to much horror movies nor am I obsessed with the hunger games or battle royale] because stuff like that has happened before at least I think some crazy guy has done that sadly.Is it wrong if instead of two people dying for sure one of them dies allowing the other to escape think about it.I'm not going to say my opinion because while at first it makes sense to do that I wouldn't' do it myself.
its built on lies...just like the mafia the cia and fox news...sockmonkey...away!