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What is Insanity? (Etc. Etc.)

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Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:12 am
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Cspr says...

So, I'm curious what you people think, because, quite frankly, I'm rather sure I'm off the deep end.

I mean, is insanity hurting people? Is it a medical condition that can be labeled, fixed with pills? Is insanity doing the same thing over and over, exactly the same, but expecting a different result? Is it a lack of logic, or too much logic? Are we all insane, but some are better at hiding it than others?

Feel free to post your opinions. I'm just...interested in this topic. Personally, I think most people are in varying degrees of 'mental', some with real medical conditions, and some who try so hard to be normal they just fade away (like frickin' zombies, mates). I believe everyone has two sides--for simplicity, lets call them Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll is a 'good man', he does whatever the world wants him to. Mr. Hyde is a 'bad man', he does whatever he wants. There's a middle ground, surely, but no one wants there to be. You're supposed to be perfect, even if everyone knows we're not--animalistic, or 'fallen.' You have to always want to choose 'the right thing', or we're considered...less of people.

We've been raised since birth to think 'happiness' is good, 'anger' bad. But they're both emotions and love and hate are siblings when you get down to it.

And then, in that regard, what about indifference? I'm indifferent in general; petty problems don't faze me, I don't let my emotions get in the way (mostly), and I find...a lot annoying, but not too bothersome. Very little has 'shock' value. In some relation to that, I've known since I was a tiny kid, knives have double (or many, many more) uses. Helping, hurting. There has to be bad, so we know what's good.

Is that insanity? Realizing things are bad, but they aren't getting better so why do we allow ourselves to obsess?

Hm. Don't know. I just want to pick brains, compare your ideals to mine, and maybe see if I'm more or less mental than I think (probably less than what my 'rents think, heh-heh).

Yeah. Don't know.

Oh. And here's one idea of mental, one that sticked the best: People who think magic food fairies feed them and they'll be famous and rich and...get married and have 2.2 kids...and nothing will ever go wrong...and they won't die...never hurt. And if any of that ends up 'messed up', SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH THEIR LIFE. CODE RED, DUDES, CODE RED. Dun, dun, d-dun. *snorts* (I'll admit I'm a pessimistic noob-a-phobe, sorry.)

(Also, have you ever heard of a story without villains? I think the 'sane' people want the world to be...boring. That caused the Salem trials (IMP*), you know. Boredom. Rules. Strictness. Settin' themselves up for a downfall...fallout, I mean.)

Meh. I'll end this here before it spirals into one of my '3p1c Rants!!' . ...Sorry if I've peeved anyone...?

[*In my opinion.]
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Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:51 pm
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niteowl says...

I'd say insanity is when you can't function properly in society. For example, during my manic state, I was talking really fast and not making much sense to people. I ended up being unable to function normally in my job and classes. I scared my friends enough that they called the hall mentors on me, who were scared enough to send me to the ER. I ended up being finally transported to a mental hospital, where I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

I think I had smaller episodes before, but they weren't bad enough to disrupt my normal routine. Personally, I think I was sane before the manic episode, and I'm sane again now that I'm doing well on the medications. I was only insane when I wasn't able to function normally.

It's one thing to feel an emotion like anger. Everyone's been angry at people for one reason or another. You may have even had thoughts about harming them. The line between sanity and insanity is if you actually harm another person, or if you punch a wall or something (thereby harming yourself).

Depression is another common mental illness. It's one thing to feel sad, everyone does. But if the sadness is taking over for weeks at a time and you're not enjoying things you normally enjoy, then you may have a mental illness and need to seek help. Same goes if you're harming yourself.

Basically, I think as long as you can do what you need to do to survive, and you can cope with what life throws at you in a healthy way, then you're sane.
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Thu May 12, 2011 2:59 pm
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Cramerx says...

Well, I've studied psychology for a few years cause my teachers gave me some advanced classes. The text book of insanity is "Relatively permanent disorder of the mind" but in the truth Insanity is only an idea (Like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.). You could be considered insane if you do something that you know is dangerous like most people say that thrill-seekers are crazy because they know they're doing something that they can die from but they do it anyway. Some people are insane if they take on a whole lot of things that most people couldn't do like having a mega multi-taskers, From most cases it's insanity is something that is really only a word cause in any case there are people who would do something really dangerous that other people would never even think of doing.
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Thu May 12, 2011 3:29 pm
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Jas says...

To me, what's insane to one person, may be completely normal to another. In canibalistic societies, they believe that eating humans is normal. However, in societies that are not canibalistic (I couldn't find another way to say this without seeming racist), we may find canibals sick and we may think that what they are doing is illegal and morally wrong. It's all in the eye of the beholder, as what Cramerx said.
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Thu May 19, 2011 4:14 am
Ritehunter says...

Insanity is different medically, socially, and economically


Insanity is a sudden and strange disabling or an abnormal change of ones routine, actions or way of thinking. Often caused by stress, trauma, or injuries to the head
ex. schizophrenia, bi-polar diorder, doing something over and over again expecting different results


Insanity is a strange or wierd behavior that goes against ones ethics, opinions, religion or need.
ex. playing in the mud to a neat, snobbish person.


Insanity is something that goes beyond what was thought possible and sond impossible

ex. When Thomas Edison was inventing the telephone

On the botttom line, insanity is directly on the eye of the beholder.
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I am not one to say but you are still wasting your time here :P

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Thu May 26, 2011 5:29 pm
Mongererofspoons says...

Well, "insanity" is simply a word used to label something, much like the concept of time, there is no specific virus that causes it, its just what we call people who either have a condition that inhibits their thought or just are different from others. Its a word that is casually thrown around when people do not consider what it actually entails. Personally though, I believe it is when a medical condition affecting the brain is involved it is insanity, but in all other cases people should not be labelled as such.