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"Jerry Springer - The Opera" Your view

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Mon Jan 10, 2005 8:46 pm
dreaming_mouse says...

I'm not sure if anyone outside of the UK would know what I'm going on about sorry, but I just want to get an idea on some people's views on the broadcasting of this on TV.
On saturday night BBC2 broadcasted "Jerry Springer - The Opera", both before the broadcast and after it the BBC recieved a lot of "stick" (can't think of a better word - minds gone numb lol) for showing this. People are against the amount of swearing in the opera (constant swearing) and about the religious things in it.
Has anyone seen this (either in the theatre or on the BBC) and if you have what's your opinion on it?
I wasn't offended by it like lots of people have been saying - after all to me it's only a piece of fiction it's not real. Although the only thing I was uncomfortable with was the casting God and Jesus within it. So that's my view, what about others?

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Tue Jan 11, 2005 12:52 am
QiGuaiGongFu says...

haha. good ole jerry springer. the worst thing to hit american television since fox broadcasting network.
i myself take offense to jerry springer without an opera or lots of swearing. not that the show exists itself, that doesnt really bother me. the fact that it goes overseas, and its so terribly bad. people very easily get the wrong idea.

you know that show is scripted? they havent had a real guest in years.

i wouldnt put it past jerry to try to get jesus and god on his show though, im not suprised that it was included in an opera... which is a terrible idea in and of itself... but when in rome...
anyway... jerry springer - the opera... i cant even imagine that being good, why would people complain so much about a bad movie?
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