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Is homosexuality a choice or a result of nature?

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Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:46 pm
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Blues says...

Personally, my view is that homosexuality isn't natural. I say that because as said before, a man and a man can't reproduce and neither can two women. Yet I don't see anything wrong about loving someone else no matter what gender. There are people in this world who love animals, who love things and who love nothing. Maybe actually loving the same gender in the sense that you want to be in a relationship with them isn't natural but loving the same gender as a brother/sister or for what they are or for other reasons is OK. I would think that most people here if not all love a parent/sibling/relative of the same gender as them. Does that mean they want to be in a relationship with them? In most cases, not. I think that man and woman were made to love each other in that sense but in other senses then it's OK.

I do think though that it is a choice to have homosexual intercourse or getting in a homosexual relationship. If you really REALLY want to cook a pizza for example, it doesn't mean you have to act on that. But the feelings are natural. You can't suppress feelings that easy. If someone's annoying the hell out of you, you can't help feeling like you want to slap them but it doesn't mean that you have to.

Those are my views anyway :) And I firmly believe you can't treat someone bad for how they feel. If they actually did something bad then you might have a case, but you can't control feelings. They're out of our hands. We're all human anyway. Treating gay people bad for how they feel is wrong, Treating anyone bad for how they feel is wrong, in my view.


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Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:50 pm
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tr3x says...

Ugh, we didn't have to re-open this. You agree that we shouldn't discriminate or withhold their rights? That's all that matters.

As for whether it is natural, this depends on your definition of natural. My definition would be something innate, something found in nature. I don't think this is a biased definition. By this definition we know that it is natural because it is found in nature. Literally every single animal species from bonobos to elephants to lizards engages in homosexuality. This is definitive proof that it is natural. Whatever your opinion, those are the facts. You may believe that the moon is green, that doesn't change the color of the moon. You may think it sinful, but is definitely natural.
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Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:18 am
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Fishr says...

Oh my freaking god. For those who think homosexuality was a choice, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Homosexuality is inate, just as hetrosexuality is. And Matthew, you want proof? Use your brain for a few seconds, it'll do you some good. Autism is inate as well, and has been acknowledged whereas in the early 20th century, Autistic people would have been shunned, locked up, and abused. Science has not yet been able to determine why the brain triggers affection to same sex or both sexes.

As for me, I'm Asexual. I certaintly did not ask Mother Nature or myself for any of it. If you all think it is a choice, go live in your delusioned state of mind, but stop disregarding the truth when it's square in your faces.

To whoever that commented -"That's disgusting. It will bring about more diseases and end humanity,"

Segment removed. YWS does not condone ad hominem attacks.

You're basing your logic on what, exactly? Heresay? AIDS originated in Africa, so before that comes forth as an argument, forget it. Instead of mumbo jumbo, give me a link to an article with facts, not opinions on the matter. Thanks.

As for, disgusting... I cannot comment since I lack the ability to understand the want for a mate/partner/sig. other/boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.
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Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:22 am
Matthew says...

Fishr wrote:As for, disgusting... I cannot comment since I lack the ability to understand the want for a mate/partner/sig. other/boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

Hence, maybe you should not comment on sexuality at all?
This thread is closed any way.
It is done, and now, mutually this thread is closed.
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