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Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:12 am
hekategirl says...

I haven't been bullied physicly, but I have been teased, tormented, laughed at etc.etc.
And what the sad part was that I was like 8 or 9 and this 16/17-year-old would say that i'm waaaaaayy short like he would go down on his knees and say 'look i'm has tall has Sierra (me btw)' I tired to ignore him but he would follow me around on his knees and stuff. I mean come on, i'm 8 and your 16 fair comparisine? uh, no, I don't think so. If you want to say someone is short don't tell someone that is 8 years younger then you!!! (I don't think he should do it to anyone but still...)

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Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:13 am
ZZAP says...

Bullies ehh? Well. I never had that problem. Mainly because I was the one doing it. :D No, not physically, but through our vocabulary. I was a smart ass, probably still am, but it wasn't just students that took my spelling-B hits, it was teachers too. Even though that was a little immature, my reaction to other sources of bullying towards me was mature. Kind of like, "And?". See bullies will see if you are vulnerable by testing first with insults, and pranks. If they see that they can do it sucessfully (the intended target "ignores" it) then it may propagate into a more physical level. But with me, they never got past the first phase. I either laughed at them, shoke my head at them and smiled, or fired back at them. Now? People respect me for my unwavering intellect, and solid confidence. I'm actually liked upon with the popular crowd, even though I don't hang out with them. Like in class, if someone starts getting a little too hot with me, I usually have a couple guys back me up. Not that I need it. :D Most can't take my verbal abuse. Some of the more educated guy-friends I have like to start flamming wars, and see who breaks down first. Of course this is all out-loud and well heard of between students, so it's humiliating to the one that breaks. Just some of my favorite experiences...


ps- with nerds, I just correct them, and that ends the conflict real fast. They will be all dumbfounded at the thought. Well, I am a nerd, but I don't look like one.

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Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:52 am
QiGuaiGongFu says...

eh kids do that. its expected. there aint but one person i would ever hold a grudge against from my horrid middle school experience. and him..... hehe, i would take much delite in... erhm. nevermind. we'd gotten in numerous fights, and i always came out on top, he was always back the next day to torment me. he wasn't the smartest of kids (go figure) and he got the bright idea to take a swing at me once (the only time he actually tried to punch me) and in the span of about a second and a half, not only had he found himself with a broken collar bone, but a teacher had pulled us apart. luckily for me, she saw it, the dean knew me, and the relationship i had with this kid, and sympathized with me (as well he should), there were several other whitnesses who told the truth, so young Farnem (his name) found himself in a tough spot, and i was out of deep water real fast. i got 2 days, OSS, he was suspended for the remainder of the simester, and had to make everything up in summer school. that's pretty much when people stoped f*cking with me.
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Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:46 am
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brittbritt12347 says...

I have been a victim of bullying at my school and still am..i just ignore it because i have alreday told and everything but it never helped so i just stick to my own thing and stay away from people as much as i can..i dont like being around people alot anyways!! :D :smt001
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Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:46 am
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Lil_Pau says...

Back in 5th grade, I was involved in a fight with this large boy. He was from this gang of boys from another class, and he and the other gang members had been bothering me for quite a while. Well, it wasn't really his fault - I remembered insulting him first, so...yeah. It was nothing too serious, and I got away just after 2-3 minutes or so.

And I found out the following year that he was mentally impaired. I never bothered him again. Fortunately I moved back to my old school the next year, and never saw him or the other gang members again.
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Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:39 pm
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TheTruthTeller says...

I've never been bullied by people I've done a bit, you know to the kid everybody makes fun off, to be fair I treat him nice sometimes when I'm board and because he's sort of interesting to listen too if you know him. I've been is his class for four years now so know he thinks he's smart, that's the saddest part the one thing that he treasures himself with having is brains and their slipping away. I've always taken a preemptive strike against bullying by seeing my natural floors[ not very strong, freckles, not a ginger thank god] and used them to make people laugh so that I can be laughing with them not them having to make fun of these points because I'm already doing it.
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Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:13 pm
Mizzle says...

We actually discussed the types of bullying and how it can be stopped - if at all - a few days ago in class for a small Socratic Seminar. 'Twas a bit boring, so you can imagine how well I listened (very little), but here's my opinion on bullying and the like:
So, bullying - let's dig into it's roots. I have divided it into three categories - you can be mentally or physically bullied. Nowadays, it seems that cyberbullying is the new technique that bullies are using.
I do believe that bullying is a bad thing - I've been bullied, around the time I had been in fourth grade. I was everything that a bully looked for - glasses, dressed badly, shy, and weak. If you stand up to a bully once, they won't ever bother you again. This is from experience.
I also believe that if bullying had a solution, than we would have already solved it. Bullying, quite simply, is a way of growing up. Finding the courage inside of yourself to stand up and tell the bully, "That's enough! I've had it with you!" or something.

Just my view on things.
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Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:31 am
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Crimsona says...

I was really badly bullied when I was 5. I know that this will sound pathetic, but when your five, this sort of thing really, really matters.

My favourite animals were wolves and polar bears, and the bully knew this, because that's /all/ I would talk about. So this girl, Tasha, would come up to me and say, looking down on me (I was really small for my age);

'Hello Miss Pen' (which is a short version of my sirname... I HATED being called Miss Pen, I don't know why, but it annoyed the crap out of me)
'Yes Tasha?'
'I'm having a polar bear party.' she would smile at me
'Oh really?' I'd say, innocently, and in an excited sort of way. For when I was five, I would believe anything that I heard.
'But you're not invited.' she would say simply, then walk away and go and 'invite' my best friend.

I can't begin to explain how much this hurt. I tried to tell the teachers, but then Tasha would say
'Ow! Dahlia, why did you hit me?' And of course they believed her instead of me, because she was the pretty little miss socks pulled up shirt tucked in. I was the rebel who had water fights in the school bathroom (gosh that was fun) and that never had my hair brushed properly or pretty hairclips, my hair scragged back in a rough pony tail because I didn't care how I looked.

And I can honestly say that I've never been the same after that. I was the happy, playful, sharing, happy kid. And from the day I started getting bullied, Anger Management problems took over my life. Or 'rage' as my mother prefers to call it.
My mum used to complain to the school about Tasha, but they never believed her. I was taken out the second year, still, mentally scarred for life. And it doesn't get better, no, it gets worse.
Next school was Christian, (nothing against Christians AT ALL here, just these people weren't very nice to me) strictly Christian. We had to pray three times a day, all the children went to church on Sundays. And when I said that I didn't, they used to swarm me and shout.
'MUSLIM, MUSLIM.' which really upset me, because I'm not a Muslim.... xD

Anyway, I've rambled enough about me, what's happened in the past cannot be changed. So Bullying? Tell teachers, pointless, half the time they don't believe you anyway. Tell parents? Good idea, I'd go with that. Telling friends? Close friends, and only to warn them that the bully might suck them in too. Talk about your bullying online? I think that's the best thing. I wish that I had known about bullying forums when I was getting bullied, it would have really help me get through it... :/

To those being bullied now, don't stand up to the bully, I know that sounds like you're weaker, but all the bully will do is laugh in your face. Just walk away and ignore it, they won't bother you if you act like you don't care. Just shrug, walk away and don't talk to them. Or even better, crack a joke, then walk away, that often works the best.
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Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:35 pm
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Reuben A says...

I was bullied to, not anymore though. I was bullied from grade 1 - 7, thereafter I moved to an art school, and now I'm not bullied at all, as a change I'm actually get along with pretty much everyone, and those I don't get along with leave me alone. But in my case I think it was a cultural thing. (OMW every post I make has something to do with culture!) I think bullying is a good thing to go through for the kind of people who get bullied (eg. me :) ), because it teaches them to stand up for themselves.
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Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:46 pm
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AuroraOrodel says...

Bullying now isn't like the schoolyard taunts and scuffles I endured. That kind of bullying can lead to finding strength to stand up for yourself, but the new bullying is different. When I was growing up, it stopped when you went home, you had somewhere to be safe from it. Now, it's unrelenting. It's a stream of continuous emails, IM messages, and Facebook hacks slowly eroding your sense of self. The old standby of " just stand up to them" doesn't work any more, because in many cases, the bullies are anonymous. Middle and high school are hard enough without some a**hats dissecting your psyche every single hour of every day of your life. Parents need to wake up. Their children are not perfect little angels. Their children are tumultuous and vindictive and they do horrible things to each other.
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Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:39 pm
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Reuben A says...

Now, it's unrelenting. It's a stream of continuous emails, IM messages, and Facebook hacks slowly eroding your sense of self. The old standby of " just stand up to them" doesn't work any more, because in many cases, the bullies are anonymous.

I agree completely. But it also helps people to be immune to insults, and all the things the bullies send. Of course pitifully few people actually learn to ignore them, because of the intensity of all of it, most people will eventually start believing what the bullies are saying. But for the few that grow immune to it (and do so without cutting themselves off emotionally), for them it kina readies them for the outside world.
So stadig loop ons deur die pers Jakarandas wat val,die bome word kaal Pa staar na die beeld van Botha wat reis op sy perd,Hy wonder was bloed soveel werd.Soveel jare dra hy aan die naam van 'n plek,Soveel jare moet ons nou laat gaan,Is die naam dan so erg,so bitter en sleg?Hoekom gooi jul dit weg?

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Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:21 pm
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IgnisandGlacialis says...

Yes, I've been bullied. Not physically, mind - more along the lines of ignoring and people muttering behind their hands and behind my back - or alternately to my face.
How did I deal with it? I dunno ... I sort of decided they weren't worth wasting breath on, so I ignored them and they got bored. Most of them, anyway. For those that didn't, I spent a while coming up with retorts and the next time something happened, I threw those retorts at their faces. That works pretty well if you're generally shy: people don't expect you to retaliate. It is also good for your reputation :pirate3:
Everyone hates being that one kid nobody seems to like. I've been that one kid, and I know a lot of people have been. I, for one, prefer to sort things out alone, but I know that telling someone (an adult, preferably) is probably the best way to deal with it.
And our school has a real problem with cliques. It's very hard finding people you can genuinely relate to: in my case, that would be a complete and utter nerd who doesn't mind listening to rants concerning Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Fortunately, many people on YWS seem to be nerds as well, so I think this is my happy place.

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Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:22 pm
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ShadowPrincess16 says...

Yeah I've been bullied nearly all of my life. But it really doesn't bother me anymore because I have great friends, an even greater boyfriend, and people that love me for me. To me, when people bully me they're only doing it because I don't fit their standards of "normal" and since I've never claimed to be normal they don't bother me. My motto is: "Say or do whatever you want to me but you're crossing the line when you do it to someone I love." And I stick to that. Bullies can do whatever they want to me but not to my loved ones.
I've found that, if you're being bullied, the best way to cope is to ignore what they say about you. They don't know you half of the time, so don't bother worrying about what they think. The only people that should matter to you are the people you love.
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Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:51 pm
Elphabalives says...

I used to be bullied all the time because I'm bisexual, but now everyone's gotten used to me and they see I'm not really a bad person after all. I'm just different. I think, at first, everyone was simply frightened by me because (for many of them), I was the first person they had ever met that was anything besides straight. And it scared the living hell out of them. But I was fortunately able to stand up for myself and help them to see that I'm not gonna try and do anything to make them uncomfortable, I'm just going to be me, and all I ask is that they respect me and have the same tolerance for me and my wishes that they do for one another. Nowadays, I actually get along with pretty much everyone in my school, and my sexuality is never really an issue. Occasionally, I of course run into one of those cruel, heartless asses who insists on making fun of me, but it doesn't affect me in the slightest. I really don't care. Haters are my motivators!
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Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:47 am
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Mickeystwin33 says...

I was bullied from the time I was six until I was thirteen. When I stopped fighting back they stopped trying. When I was in 5th grade it was terrible. I hated every minute of it. Being called names everywhere I went and being hit, pushed, laughed at, was much, too much for me at ten to endure. I learned at the age of two to be mature, but at ten I made a very stupid decision. I had to find a way to end the bullying, without being a snitch, that would just give them a reason to make fun of me. So, I wrote a suicide note, and left it for m,y 5thy grade teacher to find. Nothing happened, so wrote more. Shortly after writing the 5th note, I was sent to the guidance office to talk too this lady.
I told her my story, she told me I was crazy. I was put in a mental institution for a week. It was ten times worse being in that place then it was being bullied. I saw people constantly, everyday, crying, yelling and fighting. It was horrible, but the one thing that got me through was the hope that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't be bullied anymore. I told all the doctors and psychologists exactly what they wanted to hear and got out in a week. I went back o school only to be bullied again. I was punished for nothing while they got away with destroying my childhood.
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