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Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:22 pm
Mars says...

I found this on one of the Nano forums -- it's fun. Apparently I write like L. Frank Baum.
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critiques // nano

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Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:50 pm
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Blues says...

Cory Doctorow - I posted the prologue of my current novel...

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Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:00 pm
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Mikko says...

Yeah, I got the same as Ahmad!
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Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:55 pm
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tinny says...

Srs fiction: James Joyce

Non-so srs fiction: J. K. Rowling
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Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:26 pm
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Sachiko says...

Bahahahahaha, I got Douglas Adams. xD
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Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:26 pm
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JabberHut says...

I've read For the Win by Cory Doctorow! I rather enjoyed it. :3

Also. I got William Gibson!
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Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:40 pm
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HerBugaboo says...

Woo woo, same as Jabberwockey., could someone please explain who William Gibson is?
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Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:57 pm
MeanMrMustard says...

Asimov, King, Joyce, Wallace, Lovecraft, Palahniuk. Cut out sections of your piece and the author mysteriously changes quite often.

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Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:36 am
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GeeLyria says...

Dear Lord... I got Leo Tolstoy.
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Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:46 am
Elinor Brynn says...

I got Chuck Palahniuk...

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Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:57 am
Dreamwalker says...

Dan Brown.

Oh dear lord.

I tried with a different section and it gave me Ray Bradbury, and for poetry, it said Lovecraft. All in all, I don't know how accurate this all is, and why it seems to think I have anything in common with a mystery writer. xD
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Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:07 am
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BigBadBear says...

I wonder what would happen if you put those actual author's writings in there...

Just write -- the rest of life will follow.

Would love help on this.

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Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:52 am
Kafkaescence says...

I entered the first paragraph of Chekhov's "The Lady With the Little Dog" and it labelled it as Tolstoy. :?

In other news, it seems I write like Stephen King.


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Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:30 am
MasterGrieves says...

Mario Puzo! Wait, who?
The Nation of Ulysses Must Prevail!

If you don't like Mikko, you better friggin' die.

The power of Robert Smith compels you!

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