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Lava is not really from a volcano.

Hello everyone!

I'm Lava, 21-year old student of biotechnology.

I'm a Junior Moderator on YWS and I've been here since November 2008, which honestly seems quite a long while back.
This place is amazing. It's taught me so much and more, especially as English is my second language.

So, there's only one thing to say:
Got YWS?

I'm now at grad school in Philadelphia. This life is crazy, hectic and beautiful.

I love exploring fiction, although I seem to never step near fantasy. Recently, I've been exploring character voices and medical fiction. While although writing has never been a career option, it is a hobby I devote time to.
As for poetry, it's occasional.

I manage a blog - A Jumping Gene, and you can find the link below.

I'd love to review any fiction, so be sure to send me a link if you'd like one. ^-^

Well, honestly, if there was ever a favourite-st book, I'd just never decide. It's always influenced by my mood, place, time, recently read etc.
But featuring high on my list would include : Atonement, Emperor of All Maladies, Harry Potter Series, Paper Towns, 19 Minutes, Room, Name of the Wind, Anthologist.

I enjoy anything to do with travel, culture and people of the world. It's such a thrill to do so!
I would really love to spend a week in Disneyland someday.


Culture, Food, Biotechnology, Life sciences, Accents, Writing


Grad school Student. Writer. Traveler. Experimental cook. Lover of words.