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Cookie's Book Of Random.


Well, how do I start? My pen names here are Cookie, Choco, Coco or Mel. But be free to call me something else!

I'm a writer of random romance. It depends-it can be a poem or a short story. I've never really been able to ace in writing another genre.

Other things I do are a lot. Let's start with 5 things I do:
1. Skate: I do both rollers and ice. Skating is practically my life. I am an expert at roller skating, I can do almost every stunt. I've learned to spin on ice, already. Currently, I am learning much more professional stunts. Surprisingly, I've always been a fast learner with skates, so yay. =)

2. Photographer: I started with photography a few months back, submitted a few of them for the magazine in my school, lots of others for contests too. I'm not so good at it but its something I've found fascinating and its one of my favorite past-time hobbies.

3. Mix music: I got the hobby of mixing random music of different languages from my brother. My brother is practically a really cool DJ and he has 3 Beats- Dr. Dre, Ferrari and Soul. Not bragging. He's given me the Dr. Dre one though. I'm still learning a lot, its kind of hard to bring up a good remix that matches with every changing beat. But its fun! That is, if you're completely obsessed with the lovely thing called music. ^^

4. Video Gamer: AH. I have no words, ask me any game, I'll know it. I'm a huge video gamer and as much as this sounds, freaking/creepy/awesome or whatsoever, I apparently feel Resident Evil is better than Call of Duty. Maybe its because I am in love with zombies. xD

5. Dancer: I've been dancing for the past... 12 years? And I'm still devoted to it, I'm always looking forward to learn something new of dance. I do salsa, hip hop and contemporary most. And I enjoy it. With all my heart.

I have 4 gold fishes which has been living for the past 6 years(They're very sick right now, almost at the verge of death) and they're so dear to me. <3' And I have two kittens named Maggi(Bengal) and Black(Persian), two small little birds whose names are Cayla and Blue. My babies. :")

Stuff about me could go on but I should probably end. If you ever want a friend to talk, I'm always here. I won't bite. :3


Ice-skating, Photography, Swimming, Running, Writing, Read, Designing, Playing with Music


Student, Dancer, Writer, Photographer, Skater.