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The Unjust Cancelation of Freaks and Geeks

Name is Nobody.
No my parents didn't name me that.

I like TV
I like Write
I like Video Game

There is more to that but details and specifics are boring, so have some pretty Back to the Future art instead.

Walter White is the best worst character, if you just call him an asshole we;ll have a problem.

House Bolton 4 Lyfe


Charismatic Jerkholes


An as an act of protest, occupation is the entry into and holding of a building, space or symbolic site. As such, occupations often combine some of the following elements: a challenge to ownership of the space involved, an effort to gain public attention, the practical use of the facilities occupied, and a redefinition of the occupied space. Occupations may be conducted with varying degrees of physical force to obtain and defend the place occupied.